It is exciting to see such a growing community of women who love cycling in the UAE! In advance of the upcoming Al Marmoom Women’s Cycling Challenge, Adventure HQ partnered with Sport In Life to invite members of the Dubai Ladies Club and other cycling groups to attend a ladies bike training event at Time Square.

The event was led by US Triathlon Coach, Mary Kelley, at Adventure HQ in Times Square Centre on April 3. Mary Kelley has over 15 years’ experience in triathlon and runs a coaching school in Al Ain.

The training featured a variety of different tips and skills for female cyclists of all levels, ranging from the amateur to the advanced cyclist. Key topics included how to choose a bike, bike essentials, clothing, nutrition and most importantly safety on the road.

Under the umbrella of the Dubai Sports Council, Al Marmoom Women’s Cycling Challenge promotes women’s aspirations in the UAE and encourages women of all ages and abilities to participate in the region’s only cycling race dedicated to women.

Al Marmoom Women’s Cycling Challenge will take place Friday, April 19, 2019 in the Al Marmoom Desert Conservation Reserve on the Al Qudra cycle track. The challenge is open to riders who wish to race as well as recreational riders and novices. Race, ride and enjoy the scenery of one of the most beautiful desert terrains in the world, taking in the landscape and protected wildlife. ■

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