But why Rahal? A free translation of the Arabic rooted word means “Traveler” and that is what the participating teams will do. Traveling through the desert on a very challenging track with many different types of terrain.

The motto of the first challenge is “Chasing the Sun”. For two days the sun will be an important guide and when the sun sets, the teams will come to rest.



The ultimate goal of the challenge is to get your team safely over a variety of terrain and to clock as few kilometres as you can. Hint: Try to avoid side sloping or side cresting, it will reduce your distance in the long term. It is not a race and there is no prize nor honour for the team which completes it in the fastest time. The straight line to the Friday campsite is around 100kms long. The straight line to the exit on Saturday is around 50kms.

Setting up a Team of 4 Cars

  • 1 driver authorised to run trips for a club (e.g. Assistant Marshal or Marshal, depending on Club regulations and definitions)
  • 1 driver at intermediate level – more than 6 trips and less than 20 trips
  • 1 driver at advanced level – more than 20 trips
  • 1 extra driver at any of the above levels No more than two cars per team being driven by authorised trip leaders.
  • One car must be long wheel based (if all short wheel based then 5km team “SWB advantage penalty” will apply) We highly recommend having at least one winch per team.
  • Once you ticked all requirements it’s time to find a unique team name.



You can download the registration forms via the link on our Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/RahalDesertChallenge/

starting on 15st September. The complete guide and registration form will be available for download shortly.