Content Submission Guidelines for OutdoorUAE (general articles)

Copy and word count
1 page: 800 words max.
2 page spread: 1600 max.

Please ensure you consider space for the images you submit.
Microsoft Word files preferable (please supply images SEPARATELY, not within the word document). We also accept PDF files. Please also make sure that your written English and grammar is corrected to a high standard. We proofread the copy and we will make grammatical changes to reach publication standards, if need be. If you are unable to get your copy checked or if written English is not native to you, we can do the correction ourselves. We are entitled to change or remove excerpts from articles if they don’t reflect our values or go against federal laws (e.g. drinking alcohol in public). These changes are usually for your benefit. If there are major changes involved, we will contact you personally. Of course, we want to keep your articles as close to your vision and writing style as possible! Please ensure you define certain special/technical terms, or abbreviations that you may use, so that readers can fully understand what you are writing about. If there is a phrase or saying native to your culture, please elaborate for the readers, or use more universal language. Make sure that if there are any certain requests to the layout and design, please don’t hesitate to say!

Your images must be of high quality. Photoshop friendly formats like .JPG .BMP .TIFF .RAW, etc.
Minimum of 300dpi or 3MB in size (this is to ensure your images will be sharp and crisp once on paper). JPGs are good but compression isn’t always great. Native TIFFs or RAW files are best. If you can’t send big files, send us an email friendly preview and state what you have in full resolution. Below is a breakdown of image resolutions:
Pixel resolution

Definition Pixel resolution Print resolution Mega Pixel
Minimum size 1000 x 600px 8,5cm x 5cm 0,6 MP
Medium Size 1500 x 1120px 12,7cm x 9,5cm 1,68 MP
Good Size 2600 x 1950px 22cm x 16,5cm 5 MP
Full page Size 3400 x 2700px 28,8cm x 22,8cm 9,2 MP
Double Page Spread 5400 x 3400px 45,8cm x 28,8cm 18,4 MP


You can send images by any means, preferably by immediate email, or even personally on an external storage device (USB stick) or DVD/CD. We also accept post. File sharing sites like and DropBox are also handy.
Ensure that images are all CAPTIONED (the readers may not always know what you’ve taken a photo of, and neither will we!) If possible, link your images to specific parts of your article, otherwise you can choose to leave it to the discretion of the designer. Always include the photographer’s name for photo credits.
When submitting Word files, please do not embed the images within the document if you don’t supply them separately (there are issues with extracting images, and it takes a bit of time).

Deadlines for submission (IMPORTANT)
Please ensure you submit your work AS SOON AS YOU CAN. We have deadlines to keep, so we would advise that you send in your work latest 1 full week before the end of the month. This will ensure that your article is fully checked. This will also give us time to send back draft designs, for your approval, if you request it.

Cultural and business references
Ensure that your articles do not belittle or offend certain races, cultures or traditions. We will always check ourselves of course and will let you know if we have a problem with anything. Please refrain from referring to real life brands, businesses and products, such as ‘Starbucks’, ‘McDonalds’, or ‘my stupid Blackberry’, unless we are featuring such a product, or a place in the magazine. Car brands, camera brands and specialised equipment related to the outdoors, are okay to mention. Your images should also not offend, but that is pretty much a given in this country. Images should not show scenes of heavy drinking, or feature any alcoholic brands, i.e. Heineken bottles, beer cans, spirits, etc. Unless they can be passed off as non-alcoholic.
Oh and of course, no nudity. Also avoid promoting, mentioning or picturing harm to the environment (unless you are showing examples of what SHOULDN’T be happening).
If you’re writing on behalf of a company or member of a company, please refrain from repeating the company name throughout the article. We will credit you and the company fully, together with contact details, etc. at the end of the article. We do not include company or brand logos of personal sponsors in the magazine.
For travel articles, essential travel information must be included: how to get there (direct flights and connecting flights from the UAE); travel fare or price estimate; airport of arrival; means of transportation (land, water, air) to reach the destination; where to stay; what to see; activities do, etc. All these can be put in a separate box on the side or end of the article.

When submitting content, you agree to our terms and conditions, and confirm that you are the rightful owner of the content supplied (you have all rights for photos, graphics, text or other intellectual properties).

  • Individual submissions are not paid for and it is agreed that any submission is provided free of charge to OutdoorUAE.
  • OutdoorUAE is allowed to adjust the content to meet quality standards and values of OutdoorUAE.
  • OutdoorUAE is allowed to publish the content through all their channels. Print, Web and Events.
  • You confirm that you are of legal age if you submit content.
  • OutdoorUAE will not sell or provide your content to third parties if not otherwise agreed from both parties.
  • OutdoorUAE is not taking any liability for the content submitted


Please send your contribution or inquiries regarding content to

Finally, thank you!
We appreciate all the efforts and time you put into writing these fantastic articles for us and we are so lucky to have such experts contributing! It’s really helping us grow and hopefully it helps you grow, as well as the wonderful and enthusiastic outdoor community out here. We are truly grateful.