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There are hundreds of people behind OutdoorUAE, who have contributes thousands of stories and photos to this platform, this list shows only the current list of our regular contributors and experts in their domain of outdoor activities.

Daniel Birkhofer

Activities: Jack of all Trades Master of None

Daniel is one of the lucky people in this world who can say he made his passion to a profession for almost a decade. Even though his business focus is now on other projects, the passion for the outdoor lives on and so does his involvement in OutdoorUAE as the man who keeps it all together.

Email: editor at outdooruae.com
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Bandana Jain

Deputy Editor, Lifestyle & Travel
Activitiy: Travel & lifestyle

An outdoorsy person by nature, Bandana has been contributing passionately for our travel and lifestyle segment for couple of years. She has vehemently written for many eminent magazines like Friday, Unwind, Discover India, etc over the past two decades. Bitten by the wander bug, she aspires to explore the maximum number of places on this planet.

Email: bandana at outdooruae.com
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Personal blog: dubaitrivia.blogspot.com

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Jung Francisco

Graphic Designer & Photographer
Activities: Outdoor Photography, Hiking, Fishing
The man behind the camera for many reports and events and the hero getting all the content in the magazine and on the website. For many years he is a pillar OutdoorUAE is built on.

Email: jung at outdooruae.com
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David O’Hara

Running Expert
Activitiy: Ultra and Trail running

David is an ultra runner and extreme endurance junkie, he is certainly not the fastest runner but for sure one of the best stroy tellers.

Email: editor at outdooruae.com
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Baxter Jackson

Travel & Adventure Writer
Activitiy: Hiking, rock climbing, spelunking, surfing, scuba diving and skateboarding

When he’s not traveling or exploring, Baxter Jackson is a Writing Teacher at a university in the desert oasis of Al Ain. Having lived in the Middle East for the past 13 years, he’s been crafting unique cultural interest stories about his experiences for travel websites such as Lonely Planet, the Matador Network and tip.com.

Email: baxterjackson at hotmail.com
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Lifestyle & Travel Writer

An experienced journalist with a passion for photography, travelling, exploring new things, adventures, and history, Rabi’ah.M graduated from London with a background in journalism. A global citizen who likes to make the best of everything and likes to maintain an optimistic approach in her writing.

Email: editor at outdooruae.com
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First Hand Accounts

The best stories are told by the people who made the experience themselves, unaltered and fresh from their minds. We believe everyone has a story to tell and no matter how many times we have covered a subject – your story can only be told by you and that’s what makes it unique.


Most articles are written by normal people like you and me, people who want to share their personal experience. You will find individual writing styles and ways of storytelling often based on various skill levels but always told with honesty.


Follow different people on their quest for all kinds of adventures and experiences, always fueled by passion without any intention of making money or get any other benefit out of their stories

Sharing is Caring

We believe, that information should be shared and be available for everyone even the most secret spots and exclusive expert knowledge.  The more you know about a thing, the more value it has and the more worthy it is to protect it. Secrets disappear with a trace, no one knowing it or fighting for it. Share it here and let it last forever.

Recent Articles

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Summer Night Fishing in the Desert

Summer Night Fishing in the Desert

There are few things you’ll experience only once in your lifetime, and there are those that you suffer through willingly with some sacrifices each year. Going out in the middle of the night, suffering temperatures of 40C or higher and lugging around liters of water...