Winter in Poland is not good for kiting – (Air temperature around zero degrees, water around 4, and sometimes it is snowing.

Searching for the best place to continue the all-year-round training, we have thought about Abu Dhabi. Not many of us have been in the Emirates before, for us it seemed to be a distant destination.

But with the help of our team management, everything went fast and easy.

Registration, bookings, flights and accommodation were completed and our young competitors appeared at the spot ready to rock, three days before the venue.

The Team was represented by five racers:
• Julia Damasiewicz
• Nina Arcisz
• Jakub Watorowski
• Kuba “Speedy” Jurkowski
• Jasiek Koszowski

They were under under the supervision of our coach Blasco Ozog, this time also taking part in the race.

The Polish crew was supported by Magda Woyciechowska and Michal Wojciechowski.

We spent our first day at the hospitable Abu Dhabi Yacht and Sailing Club. It was full of equipment trim and admiration of surrounding views.

Next morning, the trainings started. We had two session on the water. More and more competitors were joining the trainings each day. So when the championship started on Thursday, we were ready.

Unfortunately after two days of really good conditions during preparations, the wind dropped off a bit at the beginning of the competition. No matter, we like bigger kites too.

The organizers were acting sensational, adjusting the race tracks to the conditions and wind directions. Every day we raced in a different place, from Dolphin Bay to open sea. It was fun! There was also the impressive view when the whole fleet flies out with the background of skyscrapers.

Within three days we managed to run 19 races, which is fair enough to settle the results.

Finally the team dominated the podium in the youth category. In the open classification it also went quite well. Two of our young riders (13 – 15 years old) been placed in the top twenty.

Delighted with local hospitality, charmed by the city of Abu Dhabi, we are going back home, already thinking about our next visit to the Emirates in the near future. ■


Written by: First name, second name
Photos: First name, second name

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