The Madinat Zayed Triangle

Oct 25, 2018 | OffRoad Motocross, Route

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Route Details

Author: Marina Bruce AKA The Desert Diva
Distance: 35 kms
Average time to complete: 1-2 hours (non stops)
Route grade: Easy
Suitable for families or kids: yes
4×4 required yes required

The Madinat Zayed Triangle is a very easy route, with occasional patches of very soft sand, which takes you into beautiful remote desert whilst still receiving a 3G (Etisalat) signal. It’s an ideal route if you want to swap the hustle and bustle of the city for the stillness of the desert.

Start by filling up at Madinat Zayed Petrol station (TMTWP01), then head north until you are out of town before taking the slip
road and roundabout (TMTWP02) towards Ghayathi. (If you are travelling from AD or Dubai, and have plenty of petrol, go direct
to TMTWP02.) Carry on driving out this road until you see TMTWP03 on the wrong side of the road; do a u-turn at the next roundabout to reach this, your deflation point.

Start by driving down the gatch track, then pick your route travelling from waypoint to waypoint. Be aware that there are a number of camel farms here and you may come across some wandering camels in the area; please drive slowly and with care. It’s ok to visit a camel farm and if you are lucky you may be offered fresh camel milk, tea or dates!

Waypoints TMTWP04-TMTWP08 are merely to keep you on course and it is ok to meander off the track line, as this area is typified by large plains with narrow dune lines running north-south. Choose your crossing points with care as there are some small bowls which could catch you out! TMTWP09 sees you back on a gatch track, take a right at TMTWP10 and follow the track down to the Shams 1 Power Plant. TMTWP11 sees you back on the highway and from there it is approximately 18kms back to the petrol station should you need to air up.
If you would like to camp for the night there are plenty of possibilities between TMTWP06 and 08 – but remember you do not want to
camp downwind of a camel farm!