Shawka Dam Loop

Apr 3, 2017 | FatBiking, Hiking-2, MTB, Route

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Route Details

Author: Geoff Patch
Distance: 10 km
Average time to complete: 5-6hrs
Route grade: challenging
Suitable for families or kids: No
4×4 required to reach start point: No

route_shawkaDamLoop2Easy hike starting at Shawka dam, generally following the MTB track. Start from the car park near the dam, head SE to follow a shallow wadi. Most bikers will follow a clockwise route so I recommend going anti-clockwise to allow bikers and hikers to see each other coming. Out of courtesy, step to the side of the single track when riders are approaching to allow them easy access; wonderful scenery and wildlife (good chance of seeing camels, goats, donkeys and a variety of birdlife). Many open stretches with no shade so usual sun protection required along with adequate water depending on time of year.