Magreb Easy Route: Liwa West

Sep 7, 2017 | Hiking-2, Route

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Route Details
Author: Marina Bruce AKA The Desert Diva
Distance: 101km off-road (Petrol Station (Adnoc Ghayathi) to start: 65kms
Average time to complete: with no stops,  around 3-4 hours
Route grade: Easy*
Suitable for families or kids: yes
4×4 required yes

*Grade Easy – However recommend minimum 3 cars, of which one should be driven by an experienced offroader.  GPS and recovery gear essential

This is an easy route, much of it following a path beaten by a host of local farmers in Landcruiser trucks as they access their farms.  Fuel up at Ghayathi then deflate at the start and follow the track and waypoints to find yourself deep in the desert, far away from everyone and everything. Great camping potential, away from noise and streetlights!  To exit the campspot, we suggest you return on the same route as there is 35kms of full-on dune bashing between you and the road to your right – in any case we are sure you want to tell your friends you did 100kms of desert driving at the weekend!  Do not continue south as eventually you will find yourself at the UAE/Saudi border fence; civilians are not welcome here.  Beautiful terrain, lots of camels wandering over the dunes and occasionally you might spot gazelle!

You should be able to pick up a sandtrack regularly during this route