Showka Dam II

Apr 6, 2017 | FatBiking, Hiking-2, MTB, OffRoad Motocross, Route, Running-2

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Route Details

Author: OutdoorArabia
Distance: 5 km
Average time to complete: 1-2hrs
Route grade: easy
Suitable for families or kids: yes
4×4 required to reach start point: No

The hike is an easy and short hike to get started. You can reach the Wadi without the need of a 4×4. Stop the car close to the dam – if there is the chance of rain you should not park in the Wadi. Depending on the season the lake will have water or not also you can find many small pool and puddles along the way. There is a dirt road next to the Wadi which you can drive with a 4×4 which gives extra safety since you could be reached by a vehicle. You can follow the full route or turn around and go back at any point. Since the access is so easy, expect to meet other people and unfortunately also some left garbage.


If you only make your way up the Wadi, you can also do the route by bike or MTB. The whole area give plenty of options to explore.