Jebel Yibir Hill Farm Hike

Apr 6, 2017 | Hiking-2, Route

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Route Details

Author: Geoff Patch
Distance: approx 8km
Average time to complete: n.a.
Route grade: easy
Suitable for families or kids: n.a.
4×4 required to reach start point: Yes

A nice easy walk over undulating terrain following an established trail with great views around the Jebel Yibir area. A 4wd is needed to ascend the Jebel Yibir mountain track, which is ~10km of steep, twisting and rutted track. Drive as far as you can, until you reach the restricted access (military area) sign. Park (considerately!) and start the hike on the west side of the track. Unfortunately quite a lot of litter marks the start but a trail is quickly identifiable going down the slope in a northerly direction. The trail works itself around JY and soon heads east. The early part of the hike runs parallel with and provides great views over the wadi below.


After about 1-2km the trail reaches a saddle and continues east around JY (look up to your right to see the military outpost). From here, just keeping heading east. It is a simple and enjoyable walk for another couple of kilometres until the trail swings round to the south and provides great views over a series of hill farms. There is very little shade on this trail, so sun protection and water needed.
Caution: Being near a military installation there is a risk that you might be turned away.