Cave-Tastic Hike

Apr 6, 2017 | Hiking-2, Route

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Route Details

Author: Geoff Patch
Distance: 10 km
Average time to complete: n.a.
Route grade: n.a.
Suitable for families or kids: n.a.
4×4 required to reach start point: No


A nice wadi hike of about 10km with plenty of boulder hopping and a little scrambling — the start point is near the base of the Jebel Yibir hill climb, which can be accessed by 2wd via the village of Al Tawian. As you approach the base of Jebel Yibir turn left onto a track leading to the farms and park near the electricity pylon. The start of the wadi is behind the farms about 1km from the parking spot. Just follow the track down from the parking spot towards the farms. The start of the wadi is behind the furthest farm. As you make your way up the wadi look out for the numerous caves in the wadi walls. If you are lucky you may see bats or swallows in them. Take the left option (straight on) at the first fork in the wadi and at the second fork take the right option (note – there is a large cave to your left at this point). More boulder hopping over dry waterfalls and scoured rock brings you to another cave area.

If hiking here after rain many of the scoured rock pools will be filled with water. Eventually, after about 5km you will intersect a track. Look out for some interesting rocks with fossilised shells just before the track. Here you have a choice: return the way you came or take the track to your right to climb out of the wadi for some great views over the surrounding area. If taking this option just follow the track and it will take you back to the farms and your vehicle.
Usual precautions for hiking in the hills, plenty of fluids and snacks, and sun protection.