When we are talking about watersports events, OutdoorUAE wants to be there! We were invited by GO Sport on the 13th of April to the beach to experience the thrill of their newest products on the wavy sea.

We enjoyed the day with a lot of action and we had the chance to try some of the products that are now available in GO Sport stores, in fact all you need for having fun and exercise on the water: the new SIC standup paddle boards, Point 65 Kayaks exclusively available at GO Sport, wakeboards and bindings, lifejackets and even inflatables and towables. Here are some details about these products. There are also some promotional prices on offer to check out.


SIC “Sandwich Islands Composites” SUP’s are the vision of master shaper/designer, Mark Raaphorst. Their sleek styling, piercing waterlines, quality craftsmanship and attention to detail have also earned SIC the reputation of being the “Ferrari of SUP boards”.
Whether you are a seasoned pro in either open or flat water racing or the weekend surfer; whether you are looking for better
fitness, touring or just all-around fun; SIC has something for you.


SIC Recon 9.9 TW Stand-up Paddle
Board – Hard Board – 4,365 AED
• Perfect all-around SUP
• Deck Pad gives grip and shock absorption

SIC Air Glide Recon 10.4 Stand-up Paddle Board – Inflatable – 4,365 AED
SIC Coil Leash – 110 AED
SIC Adjustable Glide Paddle – 835 AED
• Versatile SUP for fitness, surfing or yoga

These award-winning sectional kayaks by Point 65 of Sweden are a lot of fun, and great value. The range features sit-on-tops, kayaks, kayaks for anglers and stand-up paddle board. With Point 65’s own patented Snap-Tap technology they’re all exceptionally fast to assemble and disassemble.

The compact size of the individual pieces means they can be stored in the corner of your shed or garage, inside a beach hut, under the stairs at home, or even in a large cupboard.

These kayaks are a great way to exercise, much more enjoyable than the gym, and can be taken almost anywhere.

Point 65 Kayaks
Exclusively available at GO Sport


Point 65 Martini Solo Kayak – 3,650 AED
• Recreational kayak
• Snap-Tap system allows for easy
transport and storage
• Two water-tight compartments
for safe storage

Point 65 Martini Tandem Kayak – 5,500 AED


Point 65 Tequila Tandem Kayak – 5,195 AED
• Entry-level, sit-on-top kayak
• Snap-Tap system allows for easy
transport and storage

Point 65 Tequila Solo Kayak – 3,295 AED

Wakeboards and Bindings


Liquid Force Omega Grind Wakeboard
1,405 AED
• The perfect all-round board


Index Bindings
995 AED
• For beginners and

Summer Promotion:
Purchase the Omega
Grind Wakeboard and
Index Bindings for 1,995 AED
(save 405 AED)

More PROMOTIONS in Store!


Life Jackets

Liquid Force Hinge Vests
from 345 AED

• Lightweight
• Accommodating fit

• Lightweight
• Slight taper at waist and wide shoulders


Sportstuff Super Mable Inflatable
2,295 AED
• 3 seater
• For a wild ride on the water you will never forget.

All products are available at GO Sport stores across the region