Combining the best of its world-leading compression technology, 2XU have launched a new Active Maternity range designed to provide support, flexibility and protection to help women remain active, strong and comfortable during and post pregnancy. We enlisted the help of three expecting mums, as well as midwife and personal trainer Zoe Cresswell, to put them to the test.

Specially designed to provide extra support to areas subject to strain, including the lower back and pelvic floor muscles, 2XU’s range of shorts, full length and three quarter length compression tights will help women stay active, to best prepare their body for labour, birth and recovery. They also assist in reducing swelling during pregnancy, helping to boost energy and reduce overall discomfort.

Digital Project Manager Hannah Gilburt, 32, who enjoys CrossFit and Pilates, found the tights surprisingly comfortable and perfect for a 60-minute workout. ‘My legs and hips actually felt supported. It’s quite difficult to find proper pregnancy fitness gear and it’s nice not to have to constantly pull up my trousers. They keep everything in place,’ she said.

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Maureen Bismack, 30, an Assistant Psychologist who does boxing, Muay Thai, kettlebells and weight training, highly recommends keeping fit when pregnant as despite the numerous health benefits associated with exercising, it also helps her control her stress levels. Plus, she found it an excellent opportunity to create a support network, while promoting a healthy lifestyle for her children. During the activity session it was the 2XU fabric that really stood out for her. ‘These tights were very comfortable and allowed me to move successfully without any difficulty. They look amazing and do wonders with your shape. As a result, you feel better about yourself and have more confidence. Although they are pricey, the tights are worth it!’ Maureen concluded.

Unlike Hannah and Maureen, Yoga Instructor and Event Manager MJ, 33, had never heard of 2XU. After having loved the initial 2XU tights experience, referring to them as a ‘second skin’, she wore them for a hot yoga session. ‘I did not feel restricted at all in any movements. They felt light even with all the sweat, and I did not feel like I was overheating even though I had the long tights on,’ she said.

While all our ladies raved about the 2XU active maternity tights and would definitely recommend them to other expecting mums, two of them found the waistband a little high and just rolled it down for a more comfortable fit. Everyone agreed that they looked and felt great and offered support, with ‘everything held in place’ when exercising. Now MJ can’t wait to get her hands on the post-natal range!

Do’s and Don’ts from Midwife and Personal Trainer Zoe Cresswell
Do: Ensure your fitness instructor knows you are pregnant and is trained to coach you during your pregnancy. Also, discuss your exercise regime with your doctor.
Do: Listen to your body and don’t exercise to exhaustion.
Do: Drink plenty of water.
Do: Stop all contact sports.
Do: Ensure that you are still able to hold a conversation while exercising. This ensures that you are not pushing yourself too hard.
Do: Stop typical abdominal exercises and seek advice from a pregnancy fitness specialist or physiotherapist about how to maintain a strong core.
Do: Wear two sports bras if you find your breasts are becoming uncomfortable while you are working out.
Do: Ensure you are eating a well-balanced diet and are consuming a sufficient amount of calories.
Do: Avoid activities that involve quick
changes of direction, jumping or jarring movements that may strain your joints and cause injury.
Do: Keep your fitness instructor informed of any changes that occur during your pregnancy.
Do: Enjoy yourself! Starting good habits now is a great time to build towards a healthier future.
Don’t: Stop exercising when you find out you are pregnant.
Don’t: Lay on your back after 14 weeks or earlier if it makes you feel lightheaded.
Don’t: Exercise if you are experiencing any of the following: uterine contractions, reduced fetal movement, dizziness or feeling faint, bleeding, chest pain, muscle weakness, calf pain or swelling, headache, increased shortness of breath.


The 2XU Active Maternity range is available from Go Sport stores and Beyond Fitness at City Centre Me’aisem, near Sports City. Starting from 575 AED, the range includes pre- and post-natal active wear.

Words by: Samantha Cadwallader

Photos by: Claire Harris, REP