Sharm Rocks, Fujairah 4

How to get there:
This site is a five-minute trip on our speed boat from our Al Boom, Al Aqah Dive Centre located at the Le Meridien Hotel.
The drive to Al Aqah from Dubai normally takes 1.5 to 2 hours. Alternatively, if you are not driving yourself to Fujairah, you can also use our Al Boom bus transfers from Dubai. Meeting point is from our dive centre in Al Wasl Rd. (Other pick-up points are available, please call our call centre for more info)

Sharm Rocks, Fujairah 5

Sharm Rocks is also known as “3 Rocks Pinnacles” or “3 Sisters,” which is quite apt as there are three small outcrops of rocks breaking the surface of the site. Water conditions are normally very calm here, and that combined with it being shallow makes it ideal for all levels of diver, especially beginners and even snorkelers. It is also popular for night dives!
In summer you can expect water temperatures of around 30°C, and in winter, an average of around 20°C.

Sharm Rocks, Fujairah

Divers can enter in many different ways, and backward-roll and giant-stride are the most common.

Underwater the rock pinnacles are covered in soft corals and anemones (with clownfish), and provide a home for an abundance of marine life. Divers can expect 5-20m visibility and to see turtles, filefish, boxfish, morays, pufferfish, barracuda, shrimps, yellow snappers, cuttlefish, pipefish and many more. Stingrays can also be spotted on the sandy outskirts of the dive site, and if you are lucky, you may get to see blacktip reef sharks and/or whalesharks. Watch out for sea urchins, lionfish, stonefish and scorpionfish!

Sharm Rocks, Fujairah 3

“We did our DSD dive on Sharm Rocks and saw loads of fish I don’t even think I could name, and even got to see two turtles on the same dive!” Dylan, from South Africa
“Sharm Rocks is one of those sites that can be enjoyed by all levels of divers, and you can find so much life on it.” Chad, from Toronto

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