Al Khoory Automobiles held the ‘Subaru Driving Experience with EyeSight Demonstration’ event at the Dubai Autodrome, Hill Circuit on 23rd March 2018.

A Test Drive Event, various models from the Subaru lineup were available for participants to experience the world renowned core technology of Subaru – the Boxer Engine and Symmetrical All-Wheel-Drive in action.

The Autodrome track was specially designed in order to showcase the handling, stability and cornering of the Subaru vehicles. The entire 1.62kms track was set up to highlight three major attributes – Emergency Lane Change, Slalom and Acceleration test. The unique flat layout of the engine and All Wheel Drive system in perfect symmetry enables the Subaru vehicles to perform extraordinarily well in the above mentioned tests.

The models available for test drive were the Subaru Outback, Legacy, Impreza, XV, Forester and Subaru BRZ, which was the busiest among all. Although we missed the WRX STI and the WRX, I was really impressed with how well these models performed.

The day began with registration of the participants where they were allotted specific test drive vehicle and time slots. Then after short briefings on Subaru technology, track sessions, course setting and safety instructions, we were all set to get foot on the cars waiting at the track entrance. The test drive sessions were led by Autodrome instructors in lead cars and the participants followed them. I started with the 2018 Subaru XV and its ability to stay on track despite taking turns at high speeds which was remarkable. The AWD system could be
felt working extra time but never stopped amazing me and the other participants.

The XV continues Subaru’s successful efforts to reach out to what I’ll call the casual outdoor crowd, offering vehicles for people who love outdoor adventures, drive off pavement (but not hard-core off-road) and encounter a wide variety of tricky driving conditions.

The other SUVs, Outback and the Forester and the Legacy and Impreza saloon cars were equally exciting. The stability and curve handling of these vehicles seem to be the best in the segment.

And then, last but not the least in any way, there was the BRZ, Subaru’s sports coupe. Perfect balance, nimble handling, high-revving engine, no frills and comfortable interiors. The only model of Subaru with Rear Wheel Drive, it still has the Boxer engine. BRZ is for drivers who want to be delighted by its pure driving pleasure.
One of the highlights of the event, was also the Subaru Eyesight Demonstration at a specially designated area on the track.

Eyesight is one of the most awarded Driver Assist Technology Systems available and also one of the major safety features in selected Subaru models. Subaru Eyesight, as they commonly refer to as “an extra pair of eyes on the road” basically tracks certain objects in front, alerts the driver of any potential collision risks to take evasive action or in some case sit may also apply automatic braking to reduce the impact. Out of the many functions of EyeSight such as Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Departure Warning and Lead Vehicle Start Alert, the Pre-Collision Braking was demonstrated at the venue.

I got a chance to experience this particular demonstration and was very pleased with its effectiveness.
All in all, a fun day of education and a great opportunity to test out the new Subaru cars and experience how different they are. I was impressed, and can’t wait to get one of these on the road for a longer time. Get to know more about these cars; visit one of the Al Khoory Automobiles showroom in Dubai and Sharjah. ■