Breaking Paleo Down, One Ingredient at a Time

Being Paleo is a lifestyle. For us, it’s not one of these fad diets that come and go. Over the past four years of being open, we have attempted to convert many people to follow the Paleo principles and we have had resounding success in most attempts with other being far too stubborn to change their ways.

The task of turning into a paleolithic being can look daunting from the outside, but is it? Have other people who have previously tried it, but given up, given Paleo a bad rep? What is it about being Paleo that is so tough for people?

First and foremost, people fear what they will eat if they can’t have a sandwich for lunch or a piece of toast in the morning. Bread, is the foundation of so many meals so it’s understandable that people will struggle without it. Our substitute suggestions would be to add more fruit, vegetables, and protein to each meal. Instead of a slice of toast in the morning, why not have scrambled eggs with smashed Avocado, or turn that sandwich into a much healthier salad and add nuts to get the similar texture.

There are substitutes for everything, all that is required is a bit of creativity and the desire to push through. Eating Paleo is truly phenomenal and the benefits from following it will be truly tremendous. It will help with ongoing sustained weight loss, you will have improved glucose tolerance; decreased insulin secretion and increased insulin sensitivity and help boost your immune system.

The Paleo diet is extremely rich in healthy fats and nutrient dense foods such as nuts and vegetables. The Paleo philosophy also encourages grass fed beef, wild salmon, and free-range eggs, which are sustainably farmed and ethically sourced.

Our dine-in, meal plans and delivery offer you the opportunity to give being Paleo a try. Our ingredients are organic and locally sourced where possible, as well as selling Australian Grass-Fed Beef. We have a seasonal menu that change every few months to ensure that we keep all our customers interested so give us a visit it Motor City, call us or drop us an email for more information about anything.

We hope to see you soon! ■

Creamy Avocado-Spinach

Pesto Zoodles

Serves 4
• 1 avocado, halved and pitted
• 3 cups baby spinach
• 2 tablespoons almonds
• 2 garlic cloves
• Juice of 1 lime
• ½ teaspoon fine grain sea salt
• Red pepper flakes (optional)
• 1 cup cherry tomatoes, halved
• 2 tablespoons olive oil
• 6 medium-large zucchini (or any other pasta you like)

Add the flesh of the avocado, spinach, almonds, garlic, lime juice, sea salt, and chili flakes (if using) to a food processor. Process for 2-3 minutes, stopping to scrape down sides as needed, or until smooth and creamy.

If it’s too thick add more water, one tablespoon at a time.

Take a taste and adjust seasoning. Add olive oil and set aside.

If you wish to serve the avocado-spinach pesto over zoodles, using a spiralizer create zucchini noodles (always read the directions for your spiral slicer as they vary by brand – I use this spiralizer.) If you don’t have a spiralizer use a regular vegetable peeler to vertically peel long, thin strips of the zucchini. This will form more of a wider “noodle” from the zucchini, like fettuccini.

Place the noodles in a covered microwave safe dish and microwave them on high for about 2 minutes. Alternatively, you can cook them in boiling water for 2 minutes.

Transfer zoodles to a large serving bowl, add pesto and halved cherry tomatoes and mix well.
Serve immediately!

Nutrition facts
One serving yields 184 calories, 16 grams of fat, 10 grams of carbs, 4 grams of protein.

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