What’s a better way to spend the weekend than outdoors? 

Well, that is definitely what the Dubai Jeep Dealer Trading Enterprises thought when they pulled off an amazing off-road event in the middle of Dubai.

The event took place on the outskirts of the Dubai Creek which offered blue scenery to what normally is pure dunes. Passionate jeepers from all the 7 emirates gathered to feel the adrenaline of rock crawling, mud, sand and seeing through their own eyes what their beloved Jeeps could do outside of the road. It was as well an amazing chance for beginners of the off-roading rush to try their skills, acquire news ones and discuss with fellow off-roaders passions, stories, tips and tricks. An unforgettable experience for all.

No other but Ultimate Jeep Club was the only off-road club invited to this spectacular event. Members gathered around a set majilis for the team in which they could enjoy each other’s company, discuss latest Jeep trends, see their modifications and of course with a nice cup of Karak tea, which can never be missed during an offroad trip!

The event gathered, in addition, different companies in the UAE to help the jeepers choose the best modifications and camping gear.

A gathering of this caliber was, of course, to improve for all the attendees, as the JL, the new upgraded 2018 version of the Jeep Wrangler was on display for all the fanatics to admire. Jeepers had the opportunity to discover all about the new 4 wheeler as they jumped in and out of it searched every corner and opened every door to compare and make their guesses of what was to come.

Time to raise your bets and see who will be the first one driving around Dubai the JL, and looking forward to a new year full of surprises with Trading Enterprises and Ultimate Jeep Club. We are sure you now have the off-roading bug biting right at you, so what are you waiting for to join one of our events? ■