martini rock

How to get there:
This site is around a 40-minute trip on our speedboat from the Al Boom, Al Aqah Dive Centre located at the Le Meridien Hotel. The drive to Al Aqah from Dubai normally takes 1.5 to two hours. Alternatively, if you are not driving yourself to Fujairah, you can also use Al Boom bus transfers from Dubai. Meeting point is from the dive centre in Al Wasl Rd.

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This dive site gets its name from the shape of the rocky pinnacles that are below the surface, which resembles a martini glass on its side. The pinnacles are coloured with a variety of soft and hard corals, which make a beautiful habitat for an abundance of marine life which include: cuttlefish on the sand, nudibranchs, fusiliers, trigger fish, lion fish, scorpion fish, puffer fish, snappers, broomtail wrasse, morays, turtles and rays.
In summer you can expect water temperatures of around 30°C, and in winter, an average of around 20°C.

Divers can enter in many different ways, and backward-roll and giant-stride are the most common.

martini rock2

Visibility will vary between 5-15m, and on a good day you can even get up to 20 metres visibility! Even when the visibility isn’t that great, you can still find lots of amazing marine life to get some great macro shots of. Make sure your buoyancy is up to scratch for these days.

Be aware of the usual suspects on the east coast, such as lion fish, urchins, scorpion fish, and occasionally jellyfish! Hopefully you will get a chance of seeing a whale shark close to the surface, or a zebra shark on the sandy bottom.

“I absolutely loved the amount of a life on Martini Rock! So glad that cameras now use high volume storage, as I was a little trigger-happy with my snaps!” Sonja, from Germany.

“Martini Rock was great! Even though the vis wasn’t great on the day that we dived, we still saw so much. It was also my first dive after doing my Advanced Open Water course, and I really felt comfortable with my newly developed skills… thanks Al Boom.” Hind, from Dubai

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