It’s been roughly a month since the HERO6 launched and so far the people have been amazed with the image and video quality that this little thing is able to produce. However, some people are still hesitant and tend to differ because HERO5 and HERO6 practically look the same but that is not entirely true.

We have been using the HERO6 ever since its launch and so far we love it. The HDR option brings that punch and crispiness in your photos. In our testing we shot a lot of handheld footage and most of it was greatly stabilized compared to HERO5. The rolling shutter effect has been reduced in HERO6 is able to do all this by utilizing the data from its accelerometer and GPS which work together with GP1 chip to give the videos more realistic look.

Voice Control is personally one of the gimmicks which has been there since HERO5. It is a gimmick as it is a 50/50 chance that your camera might hear you or not and above all anyone can just say “GoPro Stop Recording” and its going to stop recording that precious moment. This time around with HERO6 you have another voice command which wakes up the camera however it drains the batter rather fast as it constantly waiting to hear that “GoPro Turn On” command.
The User Interface and Touch Screen is the same but it feels a little snappier to use. More on the technical side is that now GoPro uses HEVC (H.265) in some of the video recording formats which is 30% more efficient in retaining the quality while keeping the file size smaller or equal to older H.264 format.

Overall the upgrade might not sound so great on paper but once you get used to results from HERO6 it is impossible to go back. The abilities to shoot 4K-60 or Super Slow motion at 1080p-240fps is one of the things which will bring out the creativity in you. Although this is not for everybody but if you’re coming from a HERO4 or HERO5 you’ll definitely notice the difference in Image quality. ■

Product available at Grand Stores, Virgin Megastore, Sharaf DG and Emax
GoPro HERO 6 Black for only 1,899 AED