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You know that scene in the movies? Its high noon, the sun is blasting down in full force, you can’t even feel the sweat rolling down your forehead anymore. It’s hot. 

Well the UAE can be like that. Given all the beautiful unique scenes that one can see in the vast areas of the country, from the desert to the mountains. Being properly prepared is the most important thing when it comes to exploring the great outdoors. Be it on a boat trip, a mountain hike, or a desert tour.

Being fully hydrated and fueled by your adventure is essential. Options are wide when it comes to so-called “outdoor” food. Of course, you have your typical synthetic gels, energy bars that look like bricks, and neon coloured sports drinks. But those things are all unnecessary, and actually not that good for you.

One thing to keep in mind is that hydration is vital, more important than eating. You can go a few weeks in an emergency without food, but fluids – no way. After 48 hours you’re in trouble. In a hot climate like the UAE, you will lose a large amount of sweat when doing outdoor activities. One part of those precious fluids that you lose are electrolytes, and those are important for our cells to function properly.

To replace the valuable electrolytes lost, you can use everyday salt. Here is an amazingly tasty, refreshing, and simple way to replace the electrolytes – The Cycle Bistro Watermelon Paleoade. ■

Watermelon Paleoade

What you need
• 300gm of watermelon flesh
• Juice of ½ green lime
• ¼ teaspoon salt
• 2 dates (remove the seeds)
• 100ml drinking water.

How to make it
Blend all of the ingredients together and you will have a beautifully natural, refreshing paleoade. Enjoy this tasty drink without the added colouring, sugar, and other nasty’s. Only natural sugars from the melon and dates are included, and electrolytes are replaced from the salt.

Top Tip:
Freeze the watermelon before blending to give it a slushy-like feel. But keep in mind this only works if you drink it immediately!

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Words + Photos by: Robert Jahn