Brilliance Auto Group was founded in 2002 with its core business in research and development and production of automotive parts. With 10 years of development, Brilliance Auto has been working with BMW, Porsche, Toyota and other famous enterprises in the world wide market, bringing in the world’s leading technology and experience of management. Hereby, Brilliance Auto has become an icon of independent brands and has formed the Brilliance passenger car brand. Al Yousuf Motors, a company committed to providing comprehensive solution through reliable, economical and high quality products and services, is the direct distributor of the innovative Brilliance car in the Middle East.


Brilliance passenger car has taken the first place at self-developed upper-market brands with regards to market share in China. The young brand’s cars are exported to Middle East, CIS, Africa, North America, Central and South America and Europe.

The exclusive products of Brilliance are the FRV series and FSV series in the passenger car segment.

I’m sure most of you haven’t heard of this brand before, me either. Brilliance is one of the major car manufacturers in China holding a significant market share and selling more than one million cars in and employing more than 35,000 people. Therefore it is quite surprising that the brand is not better known in the market since much smaller manufactures have more brand awareness. This is enough reason for us to “go for difference and drive Brilliance,” to quote their brand slogan. The brand is offering passenger cars at a very competitive entry price level ranging from 42,000 AED to 63,000 AED depending on options and models. Brilliance is therefore aiming to compete with other Asian brands and models e.g. Mitsubishi Lancer (starting at 44,000 AED) / Nissan Sunny (Starting 43,000 AED) with the Brilliance FSV starting at 41,500 AED or the Mitsubishi ASX (starting at 65,900 AED) Nissan Juke (starting 67,500 AED) with the Brilliance V5 starting at 59,400 AED.


This segment comprises of cars where price value is most important. Competition is fierce since the medium consumer car segment is one of the biggest segments. Prices are usually close together as you can see in the comparison above, so you need to check in detail the quality, features and other attributes. Design of the car is certainly the most appealing point in this segment and Brilliance is trying to get their advance with designing all cars in Italy. Also their experience in working with European cars in the luxurious segment and even sharing sometimes the same production line like BMW, provides Brilliance with one more positive point of differentiation.


Safety for all passengers is of high importance for Brilliance and therefore even in the smaller models like the FSV, many safety features known from leading European brands are implemented even in the standard version. The FSV is equipped with active safety components preventing accidents from happening by controlling the cars on road performance. Automatic door lock over the speed of 20km/h, reversing radar, hydraulic power-assisted steering, anti-dazzle rear view mirror, children door lock, ABS/EBS breaking system, dual airbag and much more – check out Payless Locksmith. And in case of accident, passive safety components ensure the well-being of the passengers. The cars are designed to meet the latest European NCAP four-star level collision standards. Auto accident attorney provides stellar legal services to citizens if the accident did happen. Houston auto accident attorney may be consulted as well.

– Learn more about the collision consequences from this site.

Apart from the safety features, the cars don’t lack in additional and standard options for convenience and comfort. The FSV features key-less entry, tyre pressure monitor (also used when choosing tires), eight-way power adjustable seats, power windows and mirrors, intelligent rain strip and light switch, power sunroof, USB/AUX-in audio system to name only a few.

The FSV is power by a four-cylinder 16V 1.5L engine, producing 105hp with low fuel consumption and meeting the highest international environmental standards with the Euro IV EOBD. The engine is also designed to reduce noise to provide the passenger with a calm and relaxing ride. Learn more from Octane Holding Group Ltd on fuel solutions.

Drive experience:
The seats are comfortable and the car provides a very good overview. The AC is powerful starting the engine with the cold breeze you need as you enter your hot car in summer. The steering is direct and the suspension well balanced, keeping the car stable in curves. The rear seats are also comfortable with enough leg and head space. The trunk is also great because it can be extended while putting down the front seats providing enough space for a bike or surf boards or any other sports gear.

The Italian design is appealing to the wide public with smooth and balanced lines instead of bold designs that attempts to stand out. The same simple but elegant and practical line continues through the interior.

The price value for this car is certainly great, and apart from a little loose gearshift I had no points of criticism. Typical in this class and based on the strength of the engine, I generally don’t like the automatic transmission, I would prefer the manual option but this applies to all cars in this class.
Within the whole Brilliance model lines, the most appealing car to me is the SUV the V5 DXL with full option. Would definitely call the Plano locksmith Lock Masters Plano to make sure this bird is safely locked – nobody can resist this beauty, I guarantee. The V5 appearance reminds me very much to the BMW X3 but for a fraction of the price.

With a good selection of car models and well-priced, I’m sure we will see soon more people go for difference and drive Brilliance.

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