Diving in UAE is a special experience. There are a lot of different places and dive sites to visit. The sea life you can find is more or less the same which you can find in the Red Sea. You will discover plenty of fish, corals and smaller and bigger flora and fauna. Besides tiny nudibranches and little seahorses you will find turtles, big rays and humongous whale sharks.

Before choosing a dive site it is useful to know who to dive with. There are plenty of dive Centers all around the UAE. On the East coast of UAE you can go diving in different areas. Khor Fakkan, Fujairah and further north to the boarder of Oman in Dibba.

One of the most famous dive centers on the East coast in the Emirates of Sharjah is Divers Down. This dive Center offers a full range of courses and tours at three different times during each day of the week and once a week or with special booking there are night dives as well. The Divers Down crew is a very friendly and helpful team who know very well how to explore the sea site for each and every person in the right way. Divers Down offers tours on three different boats, depending on the group size which is signed in for the day. Some of the most visited places with Divers Down are Martini Rock, Shark Island, Car Cemetery and diverse wrecks which lay close to the coast. You can also book the monthly offered 3 day dhow trip to Musandam. You will stay 3 Days on Boat and do 2 to 4 dives a day in different places. You can rest assure you will get friendly service once you contact them until you leave the center!

At the west coast of the UAE you have a lot of different possibilities, same as the east coast. Most dive centers in Dubai like Scuba Dubai, Al Boom Diving, Freestyle and Pavilion Dive Center offer trips to the east coast. Some of them go diving off Dubai coast as well. Dubai Coast has a lot of interesting huge wrecks like Maryam Express and Jasim. Wreck diving is an exciting experience. You can explore huge ships from all sides and in different ways. You will find varied marine life on them and all around.

Dubai has a Dive club as also; DSDC – Desert Sports Diving Club. This Club is not a usual Club, the welcoming atmosphere can offer you a new way of diving. The regular Club nights twice a week every Monday and Wednesday can be used to plan the next trip, exchange experiences and just have a chat with some other divers, besides having a cold drink that is served from the barman.

Diving is only fun if you have the right equipment. At Scuba Dubai, the biggest and the best Dive Shop, you will find nearly everything you need for a pleasant dive. You can rent and buy equipment and will get a complete kind service.

Just go for it! Diving in UAE is an experience you shouldn´t miss out!!!


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