The countdown to the Spinneys Dubai 92 Cycle Challenge continued with a spin. With just a few weeks to go until the main event, over 550 cyclists from across the UAE met at the Al Qudra Cycle Track at the third Spinneys Build-Up ride ahead of the main 92km event on 15th December. 

Coming in first place on 20th October for the men was Rashed Mohamed Ghulam and Cedric Domont who both crossed the finish line with a time of 01:34:22 and Mansoor Ali Thani came in third in 01:34:22.

Nichola McDonald took first place in the women’s challenge with a time of 01:40:59, Kim Percy came in second with a time of 01:41:49 and in third place was Julie Luyt coming in at 01:41:57.

Spinneys, the locally-owned supermarket chain was once again a great hit in the busy Cycle Village with their delicious omellets and freshly baked croissants for everyone to enjoy after a long ride on the track. Alongside Spinneys, a number of other sponsors ensured that all cyclists, friends and family had a fantastic morning, including UPANDRUNNING with their much-needed sports massages.

The fourth and final Build-Up ride is taking place on 24th November covering 85km taking place at Al Qudra Cycling Track. ■

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