It is a catastrophe and nothing else. Words cannot describe. Usually we don’t get into the daily news and leave this to the big news channels and news papers. But Nepal is closer than some would expect and the small OutdoorUAE team is directly affected. Usually we would wait until everything settles and there are more reliable information available, at the moment it is hectic and chaotic so we just give account of two individuals working for OutdoorUAE Sean James who is on the north face of Everest and Dan Wrigth and his Nepalese wife Nirjala.


Our House in Kth


Dan & Nirjala seem to have lost their home in Kathmandu but are lucky to have not lost family members. Dan is currently trying to get back to Kathmandu (KTM) not only to help his families also to help others. It is not clear what will be the best way to help and OutdoorUAE will organize some help as soon as Dan is in Nepal and can ensure to help at the right place and that help will reach the right people. But it is out of a questions, that help is needed and that we will do our best to help.

For immediate help you can make donations here: OutdoorUAE trusted donations This is a direct help fund from Dan and Bryan, so no money will be lost for administration (or in corrupt pockets) and straight got to the people who need it most.

Post update 28th April 2015

In the chaotic times after the earth quake a lot of efforts were organized immediately and only slowly a whole lot of complications come to the surface. As per a new degree it is not allowed to do fundraising and receive money for charities which are not registered in the UAE. It is certainly good to control and monitor who receives money locally and how it is spend to avoid abuse. Since “The world is my Country Foundation” is not registered in the UAE, we cannot do any events to raise money for them as well as cannot receive any donations in goods or cash. We will still follow Dan on his trip to Nepal as our local correspondent and will tell the story of his work with the “The world is my Country Foundation”.

Any cash or good donations should be made to local charities. The Department of Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities is in charge and can provide more details about local charities.

If you want to follow Dan, please check out our blog – Nepal Project


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Here is Sean’s last update from Everest:

Last night and today there are still tremors at basecamp. Large and small. Rumors of another big one again today. Predictions haven’t been wrong. Our Sherpa’s are back and safe. They are still trying to find all their family in KTM. Pemba was in tears and a cracked voice as I spoke with him of his younger brother on the south side. This morning he found he was alive. The families of our other Sherpa’s are living in tents in KTM, their homes destroyed. Its not right we are even thinking about climbing and I will force us to make a decision to leave asap. A decision without a consequence is not a decision. Waiting is not a decision. We must leave and get home. Allow the Sherpa’s to get home also. We are being plagued by the British Army team and their notions and grand plans of helis evac, offering HMG assistance and payment, claiming to be able to fix the elec network, drains, SAR, setup med support, recruit our team members as orderlies. Stress is high here and blusterers with unrealistic plans are making me angry. Already this morning the overweight captain has abandoned his plans and barges into our meeting with the Chinese Liason Officer offering us a place on “our” bus to Lhasa. I had to walk away.



Lhasa seems to be the only way out now. The road through Kodari blocked. It is a 2 day drive but we can instantly escape this region of destruction.
The Chinese were slow switching on the masts today and in the middle of writing this, FB chimed in with another friend checked in as safe. It was another Sherpa cousin of one and brother of another at our basecamp. Sherpa’s don’t show much emotion but there was almost some fist pumps and visible signs of relief. This situation is very far from over and the consequences will be unimaginable. We are looking at it as the worst season in Everest history but it is more. This is catastrophe for Nepal.
How long till I escape and get back to the sand swept neighborhoods of Dubai?

here a link to a phone interview with Sean and UK Channel 4


These are just the two stories of people from our team, which are certainly not the worth affected. Western Media reports a lot about the people on Everest and how to evacuate them. We think it will be more important, to help the people of Nepal not only over the next days, also for the long run. This will not be over when Tourist are evacuated and in safety and support will be needed for the coming years.