Name: Abdulrahman Khaiwi
Nationality: Lebanese
Occupation: Head of IT
Vehicle: Jeep Wrangler 4doors Rubicon 2015

Tell us the background story of the car.
I have been off-roading in the UAE since 2011 in different 4x4s with various capabilities and performance portfolios. I have also been off-roading back home in Lebanon and in the States on different terrains and a variety of landscapes. Cutting a long story short, it’s around 70% the driver and 30% the car. There is no such vehicle as “one size fits all” but personal preference, driving style, terrain etc. Based on this a vehicle would be selected as the best match to the driver. Yet, Jeep Wrangler has always been outstanding in terms of performance, looks and as an open platform for modification or personalisation.

What modifications have been made, performance and cosmetic wise?
The modifications on my Jeep are way too many to list but the major mods are as follows:

1. Sprintex Supercharger
2. Dry Air intake system
3. Snorkel
4. Heat Reduction Hood
5. Heavy Duty Bumper with Stinger
6. Beadlock wheels and 37” offroad tires
7. Side protection rock sliders
8. Rear metal bumper with oversized tire carrier
9. Catback Exhaust system
10. 4” lift kit stage three with King shocks etc
11. Heavy duty drive shafts, track bars and flipped steer arm
12. Heavy Duty differential covers
13. Built-in double air compressor for tire air pressure
14. Custom cut front grill for added engine cooling
15. Flat cut fender flares

Do you have something that you consider to be a ‘special feature’ of the car?
The main special feature is that it is…..Driven by me 😉 !!!

The beauty of a Jeep is that each one can be personalised in its own distinct way by the owner. My Jeep has its own personal touches and combination of mods of my choice.

What were your other options before you bought this car?
I liked the Nissan Patrol and I also like the capabilities of the Toyota Fortuner.

How often do you use your car, and what activities do you take part in?
It’s my daily driver and my weekend fun ride on sand and Wadi/Rocky Mountains in the UAE.

Are you planning any future modifications?
Owning a Jeep makes you continuously look for the latest available mods and urges you to prioritise spending on the jeep to beautify it more and more.

What 4×4 do you dream of owning?
I already own my dream Jeep! ■

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