A hike for January

Now is the perfect time of year to set some big goals either by going out by yourself or taking a guide. There are maybe three to four months of the season left. One of our most popular trips is Stairway to Heaven and we run it a number of times over the season. It’s filling up fast though. Take a look at the example information for STH. Could you do it?


Stairway to Heaven

Difficulty: Expert (Black), T5 (Sophisticated alpine hiking), Class 4 (YDS), Very Difficult (Ireland), Class 5 (Australia)
Gradient: Very steep
Quality of path: Some formed track, many obstacles
Quality of markings: No signage
Experience required: Extensive hiking, scrambling and navigation
Time: 12+ hrs
Technical sections: Frequent


Quick Checklist Route planning

Start Point 25°58’59.53″N 56° 9’48.91″E
Off road driving required Yes. There is a short off-road track to the parking area. Usually it is well graded.2WD is possible
Distance & Time from Mirdiff to Start 131km 1hr 44min
Navigation on hike Very difficult. Requires lots of exposed scrambling. Nearly all of the track is undefined and steep.
Time required for hike 12+hrs
Distance 15.5 km
Elevation gain on hike 2288m
High Point 1717m
Grocery / water on hike No
Possible to encounter a vehicle on trail No
Suitable for all the family Requires experience in scrambling, decision making and route finding, especially at night. Nearly all of the track is undefined, steep with loose rock.

Due to the nature of this hike, the download this month contains waypoints. If you want to climb the stairways please visit: