The perfect choice for families or versatile use

Last month we had a look at Yamaha’s strongest and fastest wave runner; the FZR. With a 1.8l engine, it’s used by professional racers and speed lovers. However, most people will not look for top speed, they will look for a good watercraft offering everything at a reasonable price.

The best selling VX Series has been redesigned from the ground up with Yamaha-exclusive innovations, advanced technologies and sleek, new profiles that push them even further ahead of the competition. This family-friendly series now comes standard with a long list of premium features found on Yamaha’s luxury watercraft, at a price that makes them the best buy in the industry.

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RiDE is easy, fun and intuitive. Pull the right lever to accelerate, and the left lever to decelerate and to reverse. Release the levers for neutral. Pull them in any combination and the system reacts with precise control. Operation is simple with no manual shifting, no gears and no complicated processes. Benefits include enhanced handling and smooth deceleration in changing conditions. Decelerations might not sound important but watercrafts usually have no breaks, so controlled deceleration is an important safety aspect since it allows stops within a shorter distance.

The new and redesign NANOCEL hull and deck is lighter than the previous model and the competitor models which provides easier handling and a more fuel efficient and fun ride. The fuel efficient 1045cc three cylinder four stroke engine combined with a bigger 18.5l gallon fuel tank allows more time on the water covering a longer distance and of course it also saves you some money. The open Loop and Maintenance-free Cooling System is a further money saver since no coolant is required and the system is maintenance free. Therefore the VX models have the lowest maintenance cost in the industry.

The digital meter provides a quick read on speed, RPM, fuel level with low fuel warning, low oil pressure warning, hour meter and check engine light with self-diagnostic function to keep on easy overview of all the important information related to your waverunner.

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The VX has a storage capacity of 26 gallons and a watertight compartment under the seat to keep your belongings safe and dry.

The new extended and low rear platform makes it easy and comfortable to access the VX from the water. The VX provides up to three seats (depending on the specification) to have fun with family or friends. Providing yet another opportunity to enjoy the water, the tow hook allows for easy, secure towing.

So the VX waverunner provides everything you need to have fun on the water. The RiDE system in particular makes it very easy for absolute beginners to have perfect control over the waverunner even for maneuvers like berthing or driving on to a trailer in windy and wavy conditions. Owning a watercraft is very easy and affordable. Technical testing and registration, which is valid for two years, can be done at RTA in Dubai at a cost of approximately
800 AED, or at DOT in Abu Dhabi. What’s more, if you buy your waverunner from Al Yousuf they will help you with the whole process and you will be ready to hit the water in no time.


Photos By: Nela Macovei