The Yamaha AR190; an affordable, family-friendly boat

Owning a boat is not such a distant dream as some might think. If you’ve owned boats before, you know already what to look for, and the price tag for your desires. But what about someone who is buying a boat for the first time? 


If you want to enter the marine world and are a water sports lover, some valuable advice would be to choose a boat which offers a lot of versatility, so that you don’t need to make any tradeoffs. Once you are hooked on owning a boat, you will certainly develop your passion further and can then one day decide if your second boat will lean more towards a fishing boat, a day cruise or a wake boarding boat, which are all more specific for each activity. However, if you want a boat without compromise and with a limited budget, the Yamaha AR190 is a great choice. The highest cost in owning a boat is having it berthed in a marina, but smaller boats up to approximately 30ft can be kept on the trailer, saving you money. There are free slipways across the UAE, and a 19ft boat is easy to trailer. You’ll also not have problems finding parking for it since it is the size of a normal car. A 19 footer is also easy to maneuver on the water, good for tight turns (so you can enjoy wakeboarding and towables), as well as offering space for the whole family. You can also use it for fishing.

Let’s have a look to the details of the Yamaha AR190 and why it is such a good choice, especially in regard to value for money.

From a difference, you might not recognise differences in the quality of a boat, and one boat can often look similar to another. Upon closer inspection, it is easy for anyone to spot the details. Cheap and poor quality boats have an uneven hull, and if you look along the side of the boat you can spot this easily. Yamaha has a reputation for good quality and this is still true with this entry level boat. The hatches and compartments are finished to a high standard and the cushions have a two tone colour scheme.


The AR190 is planned well and makes use of every inch of available space, featuring plenty of storage; there are two compartments underneath the bow seats to both sides and an anchor compartment in the front. Further storage is situated under the seats in the stern, and there are deep storages in the deck. The console has a self draining glove box and incorporates the audio system, whilst underneath there’s huge storage and access to the hatch. On the swimming platform at the stern, there’s also a big wet storage compartment.

The deep cockpit provides high safety on the water especially, for families with children.From a further safety point of view, the entire floor of the boat is covered with snap in carpet with a none slip surface underneath and drain plugs.

The AR190 has seating for up to 8 people, and the bow has a standard easy filler cushion which turns the seats into a sun pad. When anchored, you can also sit comfortably on the stern’s integrated swimming platform.

The engine is a 1800cc high output engine which is easily accessible under the stern seat. There is enough space around the engine for easy maintenance such as filling up oil or changing the oil filter. The jet engine is perfect for shallow water and with articulation keel high speed maneuverability is ensured. The handling is similar to normal propeller engine boats and the AR190 accelerates quickly. Accessing the boat from the stern is safe, since there is no propeller.


Even at this low price, the AR190 offers ‘no wake’ mode and cruise assist at the switch of a button next to the adjustable (tilt) steering wheel. The driver seat swivels and slides and has an integrated flip-up bolster.

One amazing standard feature of the AR190 is the aluminum tower and bimini. The tower is actually collapsible, so you can even park the boat in your garage or basement parking.

The boat comes with a single axle trailer with swing-away tongue and lights. The AR190 is therefore a hassle free family fun boat for everyone who wants to get out on the water without making any compromise or paying a small fortune, whilst still getting a high quality boat.

Starting from 134,000 AED with 2,500 AED cash discount

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