Get fit with running gear from Decathlon

If you want to get out and enjoy the great weather in the winter months and also work on your fitness levels, there is no better way than running. Running is the easiest and certainly the cheapest outdoor activity you can start and can do literally anywhere.

Running in the UAE has become increasingly popular during the past few years, both as a social activity with the growing number of running clubs in the region, as well as competitively with races for all distances and levels. Also in Dubai the government has invested in running tracks which you can find now all over the city and which will hopefully be extended over the next couple of years. So you can run along the beach, in parks, on designated running tracks, through the streets or even across the desert and the mountains. There really are no limits once you get started.

If you are on a budget, you don’t need to spend a fortune on expensive running shoes. You can get decent shoes already for a little as one hundred dirhams at Decathlon. As with every shoe, the important thing is that it fits comfortably. If you get more experience you will also develop a preference for specific features like a hard sole or a soft, flexible sole and so on. But, just to get started, any comfortable running shoe like the KALENJI Ekiden One Plus Men’s Running Shoes will do. It’s a light basic running shoe with a rubber sole for a good grip on most surfaces.
To enjoy the run more, some functional running clothing is also advised. This too need not cost a fortune:
Almost as important as a good shoe are sports socks to reduce sweating and odour as well as to ensure a perfect, comfortable fit of the shoe, especially on longer runs: KALENJI Eliofeel high running socks 2-pack are a good choice and the price is only 25 AED.

KALENJI Ekiden men’s running T-shirt for running in hot weather. This affordable and breathable t-shirt keeps you dry throughout your run thanks to Equarea technology (35 AED). Alongside the light, breathable shorts which are designed with built-in briefs to guarantee good support and also include an inside key pocket in the waistband (KALENJI Ekiden Men’s Running Shorts – 45 AED), these items will be your basic wardrobe when getting started.

To not get blinded by the sun and to ensure you keep a cool head, a visor is the better choice over a sports cap. The KALENJI Visor running black will set you back only 39 AED and ensures good vision whilst also soaking up sweat to avoid getting it in your eyes.

Finally, the KALENJI Smartphone armband for running (55 AED) helps you to get into the right mood and keep going on your workout. Turn up the volume and listen to your favourite songs during your work out from your phone, which you can wear comfortably on your arm with this very reasonably priced arm band. So if you do the maths, the complete running set with all the items will cost you as little as 314 AED and you are set, ready and go. So no excuse to stay on your couch.

All products are available at Decathlon stores: IBN Battuta Mall and Mirdif City Centre.