A Q&A with Braai World

This month we have taken a trip to the desert with Expedition X, who focus on local and regional camping trips and expeditions for off-road enthusiasts, whether beginners, experts or anyone in between, to do some outdoor cooking and relaxing in preparation for our next Braai World editorial. We decided that this month’s focus will be a Q&A to give people a bit more insight into who Braai World is.

Where did Braai World start and what is it all about?
The idea to start Braai World started quite a few years before the company was registered in 2014. We identified that there was something lacking in the market when it came to firewood and we found that we could fill that void with the wood we wanted to import. In addition, we wanted to import and distribute quality braai / bbq products for a reasonable price.

How do you distribute your products?
We have two ways through which we distribute our products.We use our online shop at www.braaiworld.ae to distribute our complete range of products, and in addition we distribute our wood through a number of retailers within the U.A.E.

If I was looking for a retailer to purchase from when I run out of wood over a weekend, can you name the retailers who distribute your wood?
A: Yes,we have a few large retail partners, namely Speedex in Al Qouz and DIP (Dubai), Park ‘n Shop in Al Wasl and DIP (Dubai), Souq Planet (formerly known as Abela) in Al Ain, Etihad Plaza and Madinat Zayed (Abu Dhabi) and Adventure HQ in Times Square (Dubai). We also have smaller outlets, namely Rahal Outdoor in Nad Al Hamar, Spicy Village in Al Qudra and Istanbul Picnic Accessories opposite Big Red.

So what is the difference between the wood you import and the wood you find in the market?
Firstly, it has to be the density of our wood. With the harsh semi-desert like conditions that the trees grow in, they have to be tough, which means high density and low moisture content. The moisture content is far lower than the average whitewood from Europe, which means that our coals last longer and retain a much larger amount of heat until well after you have finished cooking.
Secondly, it has to be the aroma of our wood when it burns, which imparts a unique flavour to the food as it cooks and which has to be experienced to be appreciated.
You’ve mentioned that you also have other products such as accessories and utensils.

Can you tell us a bit more about this part of your business?
Well, firstly we stock high quality stainless steel utensils. Anything from braai tongs, fish tongs, meat hooks and grid brushes to name just a few. Our utensil range can either be used for home or commercial use and the quality of the products will allow this product to be used over and over again whether it’s camping in the desert or entertaining guests at home, or in your commercial kitchen for that matter.

What other accessories do you stock?
We also sell other accessories that could make your outdoor cooking experience better than before, such as outdoor cast-iron cookware, kettle braai accessories, rotisseries, Himalayan salt plates and braai grids.

For more information related to all our products, it’s best to look at our webstore at www.braaiworld.ae.

What does the future hold for Braai World?
The immediate future is very simple…to keep doing what we are doing and to try and improve every day. It’s to ensure that our webstore clients as well as our retail clients get the best possible service and delivery and to ensure that the quality of our products is kept at the highest standard.
In the long-term, we would like to expand our operations into other avenues like charcoal import and export. We have established great relationships with suppliers from different countries across the world and it will be fantastic to add this to our arsenal of deliverables.

We would also like to expand our business to become wholly centred around the outdoor living / outdoor lifestyle model and we look forward to bringing more products to increase the enjoyment of the outdoors for all our customers over the coming years.

Available at www.braaiworld.ae and in the following regions across the UAE: Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Dubai, Al Qudra and Madinat Zayed (Western Region).
For more information regarding retail outlets, please visit our website.