Submissions & Advertisement Terms

Write an article, report, location tip or a route

Articles and reports:
Feel free to write an article about your outdoor experience, events or whatever you think will be interesting for others to know. The article should be in English and in word format. Every article should include at least two pictures related to the written story. If you are not sure if your article will fit to our requirements, contact us. Please send your article or questions to editor at (please replace at with @)

To get all details about how to submit content and to read all terms and conditions, please click here and download our content submission guidelines.

Entry of new shops, dealers, rentals

If you are in any related business to our outdoors in the region and want to ad your business to the list, click here: the entry is absolutely free.

Any type of submission:

If you submit any kind of content to OutdoorUAE website or magazine, you agreed to the following terms and condition:

  • You guarantee that you are the legal owner of all content you submit to OutdoorUAE – this includes all rights on text, graphics and photography (also personal rights if there are people shown in pictures).
  • As long as photo and other credits for content are provided, OutdoorUAE will add them to the submitted content.
  • OutdoorUAE keeps the right so adjust content to meet internal requirements without asking an additional approval.
  • Adjustments are usually required for the size or technical specifications of the content but may exceed these steps.
  • OutdoorUAE can not be held liable for any content submitted by third parties. OutdoorUAE is not able to research the origin of submitted content and will trust in the supplying source of content only.
  • OutdoorUAE keeps the right to use submitted content for more than once as well as only parts of submitted content.
  • OutdoorUAE will not sell or provide other parties with submitted content without informing the source in writing.
  • OutdoorUAE will not pay any compensation for submitting content as far as not agreed in writing before submitting content.

Membership / Subscription

The subscription to OutdoorUAE is for free and can be ended anytime. As a member of you will be able to comment on contents, create photo galleries, add posts and reply in the forum. With a subscription, you will automatically subscribe to the newsletter. To exclude your address from the mailing list, simply press the unsubscribe button in the footer of the mail.

Advertisement Bookings

  1. The Publisher (OutdoorUAE) reserves the right to decline any advertisement.
  2. Requests for specified position advertisements once accepted cannot be cancelled.
  3. The Advertiser cannot cancel either wholly or a part of the signed contract. In the event of the Advertiser withdrawing his advertisement or failing to provide the Publisher with the necessary materials before deadline, it is understood that the Advertiser is responsible for full payment of the advertising space booked as contracted.
  4. Advertiser and Advertising Agency jointly and severally agree to be responsible for payment to the Publisher for all space purchased under this advertising rate. Disclaimers are not permitted.
  5. The Publisher is not responsible for errors in key numbers or other typesetting in advertisement.
  6. The Publisher will not be liable for any consequential loss or damage occasioned by the failure or any advertisement to appear from any cause whatsoever, nor does he accept liability for errors in any advertisement published.
  7. While every reasonable care is taken, the Publisher will not be responsible for damage to or loss of storage drives or any other material supplied for the purpose of an advertisement.
  8. Each ad will be baed on a individual booking for which might have additional terms and conditions. For all payments and invoice will be issued
  9. If the Advertiser fails to make a timely payment in accordance with their obligations pursuant to point 8, interest shall accrue on the amount due at the rate of 5% for the time of delay on an monthly basis.
  10. Overdue payments (from the due date given in the invoice) will be forwarded to a debt collecting agency and all fees and additional cost for the settlement have to be covered in full by the debtor.
  11. OutdoorUAE reserve the right to revise or cancle quotes or bookings at any time to its sole discreation. In case any advance payments are made and service are not delivered OutdoorUAE will refund the full amount or a partial amount defined at its sole discreation.