This is the gear issue – after struggling with a few iterations…I have finally decided that instead of showing what gear I have been using, I would give everyone a very up close and personal look at a few things not available to the public as of press time – things I have been playing with for a sometime seeing if they would work for this place.

Since working for Rapala, I have had the privilege of seeing next year’s products a year or two before their release; this system insures the products we distribute are 100% compatible with the fish and conditions we have.

Really, Really Food
You can run the new Rapala X-Rap Magnum Xtreme Over 20 knots. When I first hear this, I thought it was a joke. Even skirted trolling lures have a hard time running at this speed, and those are supposed to be the “fast trolling” lures.

I had a few earlier on to test out as I am part of the field testing team for Rapala, didn’t really take it seriously until I decided to cast them for tuna since they are shallow running and at 68 grams, makes for a great casting lure (16 cm is just the right size for tuna casting as well) I didn’t understand it at first but after closing the bail of my reel and reeling it in for the first time, I thought there was no lure at the end of the line, I had to recast it a short distance and reel it in again just to make sure I wasn’t day dreaming – there was hardly any resistance on the other end of the line!

The Xtreme has some really cool engineering, without going into detail, this much is certain – you can run them as soon as you get out of the marina and be FISHING while on your way to your favorite spots without sacrificing time or speed. This opens up a lot of possibilities; running from spot to spot searching for fish, or when the bite is wide open and you need to go fast to catch more, or just plain chasing after the boils that sometimes move so fast.

If you are a casting sort of guy, imagine this – it will swim and run true each and every single time you cast – run and gun fishing will forever change with this lure – it means you can cast a lot more times while your friend has to deal with a lot of resistance with whatever lure he chooses to cast – so you get more chances at casting to a school than everyone else on the boat.

This lure is also the first to sport the new “High Definition Colors” in any Rapala lure. This is the new and revamped color scheme from Rapala.



I am personally excited with ONE particular color; it’s called the “HD Big Eye Scad”. If you don’t know what that is, it’s the same color scheme as the fish we use for live bait here in the gulf.

When things Xplode
The Rapala X-Rap Magnum Xplode was introduced earlier this year and it has been making a huge splash all over the world. I was part of its development and have tested it heavily in our waters to ensure its adaptability. This popper has been quite effective on big king fish in the gulf as well as big GT in both coasts of Oman.

The first shipment of this lure into the gulf was sold in less than 1 month, in ALL Dealers. The biggest bonus of all is that since it is made of plastic, it doesn’t get waterlogged like more expensive wooden lures. The construction is quite solid that it has already bagged a few fish over 50kg tuna and GT with no issues. Already comes rigged with very strong VMC hooks making it a lure you can fish out of the pack, unlike most GT / tuna lures.

Lures-Fishing-Rapala-Kit-Belen Lures-Fishing-Rapala-Kit-Belen

Docan Snapper Ball
I was sent some samples straight from the factory so I could test them out, it was already towards the summer and fishing wasn’t as good as it was a few weeks before I got the first samples in – I lost all of them.

They were so good that in my trip to Japan, I cleaned out the shop I went to before these lures got on the shelves – the attendants were so surprised that I knew they had it before the others in the shop actually knew that they had them: IT IS THAT GOOD.

Using this could not be easier – you drop it down to the bottom as soon as it hits the ground REEL IN! All you really have to do before this is to find the speed of retrieve to make the head swim. Unlike other lures of this type that rely on the skirt for the action, this snapper ball SWIMS.

The first time I used this lure, I was able to pull in 7 fish in 7 drops. It was almost like fishing with a sabiki!



Docan V (Vertical)
Probably one of the strangest looking lures you will ever see, the Docan Vertical is one of those lures that you would have to take a closer look at before you take notice.

At first glace, you see this lure and think it might not be for jigging, that it closely resembles a vibration lure because of the placement of the tie-in point, which is at the top of the lure.

What a lot of people don’t know is how this peculiar looking lure moves, on a stationary lift and fall (no reeling) or what more technical people would call “long fall”, it glides and drops with a figure of 8 movement underwater. This means it can stay within strike zones longer than any other lure.

Retrieving it with short pitches makes the lure move quite erratically and swims in a sideways vector unlike traditional jigs that either flutter or fall straight to the bottom, if you know what I’m talking about, this sort of action opens up a lot of possibilities, which before this lure, was thought to be quite impossible.

Lures-Fishing-Rapala-Kit-Belen Lures-Fishing-Rapala-Kit-Belen Lures-Fishing-Rapala-Kit-Belen

Rapala and Storm have been around for a very long time, the natural evolution of their lures have always centered on ease of use and maximum productivity, its really just up to us to maximize each lures potential, and we keep on discovering secrets on how to get the best out of each lure – You still think there are other lures out there that can do better? Think about this – Their lures hold the world record for most world records and the number grows each year. ■

Till next tide change,

Kit Belen

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