The world of outdoor activities is taking a very positive trend and girls have also been showing their interest in defeating altitude and peak adventures. Meet three of the most amazing passionate adventurers that are in the Great Outdoors nearly every weekend for camping, trekking, hiking, running and beach activities.

Llana Heyrosa:
“I was into hiking back home in the Philippines as I was surrounded by amazing and beautiful mountains. When I arrived in the UAE, I started engaging myself with running and outdoor yoga practice until I decided to join some hiking groups on weekends.

I face challenges bravely to achieve my goals and the best feeling is when I am hiking. No matter how tired I am, I never give up to reach the summit for the view that takes my breath away. All the aches, thirst and fatigue are instantly replaced.”

Her Dream?
“To be able to trek in Nepal and explore more beautiful mountains in the world.”

Her Advice for Other Girls?
“Be brave and adventurous, explore as it is one way of knowing yourself and testing your strength. You can measure how far you can go and realize things you are capable of doing. Go beyond your limits!”

Sarah Barrett,
She has been in the United Arabs of Emirates for 4 years; very curious by nature, and wanted to explore the country outside the shopping trends and FnBoutlets . She is one of these girls that explore relentlessly the Wadis and mountains of the UAE. Sarah looks for exciting outdoor activities every weekend to attend with her friends. One thing she mentioned which is amazing:

“I wouldn’t say I am fearless but I am a thrill seeker. Sharing fears or insecurities doesn’t make me weak, you will learn that other people share your fears and ultimately, it will empower you to press on. “

Sarah loves hiking around the UAE and Oman and also enjoy water-sports as well. She wakes at 4:30am to go hiking on weekends when she is off work. What she enjoys the most is the silence of nature, the thrill, the challenge, fresh air and breathtaking sceneries.

Why Does She Do It?
“Because it’s highly addictive.”

Her Advice for Other Girls?
“Don’t be afraid to try something new.”

Ivyrose Billones,
“For my first 4 years in Dubai, I was so overwhelmed with the place and enjoyed the nightlife so much until till I met someone who introduced me to go into the outdoors and try new activities. Crossing the vast desert, off-roading across the hidden Wadis (dry water bed) were so enjoyable that I never stopped. Before going outdoors, I had started to gain weight and was feeling depressed by doing the same thing over and over again. I decided to do things differently by being active outdoors.

Every hike I did was the greatest one to date, as I had never imagined myself before being up there! Hiking feels like a slice of heaven as if you want to live there forever. When you get to the summit, it will just give you a pure sense of peace.”

How Can You Inspire Other Girls to Also Come Out There?
“I started posting in my Instagram account about my experiences and the view that they will see when they reach the top and a gentle reminder that it is very addictive 🙂 “

What’s your Future-plan as a Passionate Adventurer?
“My future plan is to explore the hidden wadis across the country and try different trails. I want to explore other countries as well.”

Her Advice for Other Girls?
“Don’t waste the borrowed life God has given you. Spend your time wisely and explore more. The best way to see the world is to go towards the dream places by challenging yourself.” ■

Words by: Arnaud Laviolette