According to recent research conducted by YouGov, office workers in the UAE are spending longer hours at their desks than they were five years ago. For those of us who are spending most of
the day at the office, healthy eating habits aren’t always easy to maintain.

All of the above factors have resulted in an increased number of companies continuously monitoring their employees’ workplace experiences and looking for innovative ways to promote a healthy lifestyle and cultivate healthy eating and drinking habits.

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Brazil is one such country where consumers are incorporating healthier practices into their daily regimes. Nutritious juices and fruit smoothies are the central attractions here.Maybe this is the reason why it is here that the unique idea of a capsule-based juice machine originated.

Juice in Time Technology is now introducing their new concept in the UAE, by declaring that you don’t need extra minutes in your day to add 100 per cent natural juices to your diet. They offer a solution of smart and convenient juicing systems for both offices and homes.

Very much resembling a coffee machine, Juice in Time has produced quite small appliance which will fit perfectly on your kitchen table top. The idea is simple, yet genius. Using specially designed capsules which are filled with fruit pulp, with no added sugar, flavorings or colourants, you can prepare a 300ml glass of juice in just one minute.

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No cutting fruits, no washing. What makes it extremely hygienic is that there is no direct contact of the machine parts and fruit purée – the jet of water will do the job by melting and smashing the fruit pulp inside the cup itself. In order to retain the nutritional content of the fruit, the capsules are blast frozen at -42°C. This stops any bacterial activity and helps to avoid adding preservatives to the formula, keeping it 100 per cent natural.

Juice in Time believes that placing this machine in the office pantry or at home might encourage you to rethink your drink and make the move to healthy and nutritious hydration. In our dynamic era it is crucially important.

Based on Brazil’s natural bounty and the Amazon’s incredible biodiversity, they offer ten flavours and blend mixtures. Among these are exotic fruits, such as Acai and Passion Fruit.

Besides convenience in juice preparation, the Detox Tea Line has been created, offering Green and White Iced Tea which is so handy in our tropical climate and low in calories. These healthy fusions contain Mint Leaves, Ginger, and Hibiscus; all ingredients which can increase your metabolism, making it a strong ally in weight loss.

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No doubt, healthy lifestyle is a long-term vision and should include all aspects from diet and exercise to motivation. That is easier said than done, of course, but some simple tips and solutions like this convenient Brazilian juicing system can help you tackle even the most indulgent and hardest-to-kick habits, to move further to a healthy and bright life.


The Juice in Time showroom welcomes any visitors in the UAE for a demonstration and free degustation.

Dubai, Oud Metha, Office Court Building, 3rd floor, Office 310. Tel.: +971 567993411 |

Check out Juice preparation video on YouTube: search “Juice in Time Dubai”