Outdoor UAE previously asked its readers on Facebook- is water from the tap safe to drink with a filter?

One of our readers commented; ‘Apparently the tap water here is safe to drink, it’s just the storage tanks in houses that are the problem’…


Sparking a debate in the office and bringing the topic to light, we got in touch with Alex Fisken from Navigator International, who distributes products from Pure Hydration (found in Picnico and Adventure HQ). Pure hydration filters are from the UK and are endorsed by the Hospital for tropical diseases in London, they come in all forms and sizes: for the traveller, at home and even products for the military.

We were really interested in the home products and how that might work being installed beneath your sink by , which we will explain later- but first Alex ran through the technology behind why this pure hydration’s filters are so unique.

Pure Hydration Filters like the one in Aquapure traveller eliminates viruses and bacteria such as E-Coli, Polio, Hepatitis A, and others. According to water softener reviews released in the last year, it removes waterborne pathogens, including Giardia, Crytosporidium, etc. It also removes toxic chemicals and heavy metals. Unlike other filters it also removes bad taste, odours and sediment. It is the perfect solution for holidaymakers, adventurers, business travellers, in fact, anyone who needs access to pure, fresh water anywhere in the world.

A cup full of sediment and dirt…Open the Bottle and pour the Dirty Water in…

Give the bottle a good shake, wait around 5-10 minutes to make sure the filter is activated and pour away. This is how clear the water came out, and importantly disease free!

By using the Aquapure Traveller, you are helping the environment by not disposing the equivalent of 700 plastic bottles per filter. No chemicals or complicated procedures just fill and drink.

You will know when the filter needs changing, as it will gradually get harder to squeeze as the filter absorbs more. Eventually it will stop completely in which case the filter will need to be replaced.According to Peter from the ac repair Gilbert in AZ, a good practice is also to avoid cloudy water, take water from faster flowing parts of rivers and streams and from the surface rather than the bottom as the filter may get prematurely blocked.

Another great product which is good for traveling are in-line filters. They work by feeding onto any inline water system made for: Camelbak™ Platypus™, Source™, Blackhawk™.

So now we know how the filter works – how do we go about installing this at home?

Extremely simple to fit under your sink, the drinking water filtration system is something you can install the Pure Hydration without some top rated plumbing company.  The filter portion can be changed twice a year and you know when it stops working, as the filter will not release any water through it.
You can also use it for your caravans, boats; anywhere there is a sink in place.

For more information about pure hydration systems get in touch with Alex on:

Tel: 050 6245069
Email: afisken@navigator-international.com