Starting January 2016, readers will find that it is now easier than ever to be updated with the latest outdoor news and stories thanks to OutdoorUAE’s new digital reader. This new platform will allow enthusiasts around the region and elsewhere around the globe the opportunity to read the magazine online all for free. It’s as simple as registering for the monthly subscription at!


The process is quite simple. In order to get the magazine every month as it comes out, a person only needs to go to and click on “Subscribe” from there on, newly registered emails will get a confirmation email and receive the latest edition of the magazine directly to their email free of charge. The email will then lead them to the e-reader and from there they can enjoy reading the same OutdoorUAE experience as it is on print!


This free and wonderful service is only one of the many leaps and bounds that OutdoorUAE has committed itself to delivering to its readers as 2016 started earlier this month.

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