The rugged military vehicle’s civilian version has sent adrenaline pumping among UAE’s high-end car enthusiasts

In dramatic move befitting a car as head-turning as the HUMVEE C-Series, the civilian version of the acclaimed US military vehicle, Liberty Automobiles flew in the region’s first unit on a cargo flight, facilitated by SNTTA Cargo, a Liberty Group company, at Sharjah International Airport.

The awesome HUMVEE C-Series was ceremonially welcomed by officials from Humvee in Liberty and Sharjah International Airport.

Liberty Automobiles, authorized dealer for HUMVEE C-Series in the UAE, decided to airlift the first HUMVEE C-Series unit, ahead of a campaign  that involves delivering the vehicle for test drives to homes of elite, high-end customers who have registered interest in a vehicle that is said to be several notches higher than its predecessor, the Hummer.

“The launch of the HUMVEE C-Series for the international export market has created a buzz among elite off-roaders, including those in the UAE, which was among the first countries identified by HUMVEE Export as a key market,” remarked Sheikh Khalid Abdulaziz Al Qasimi, Chairman of Liberty Group, as he welcomed the vehicle. “The HUMVEE C-Series is a uniquely styled civilian vehicle combining rugged looks, outstanding design and robust performance. It therefore deserves a dramatic and memorable welcome.”

Salem Al Hajeri, responsible for HUMVEE at Liberty, commented: “The HUMVEE C-Series reputation has preceded its arrival in the UAE. It is a highly customized vehicle that targets owners who desire a car that not only stands out because of its tough look, but performs beyond expectations. Already some selected customers have been offered test drives and we are confident these exotic car lovers will experience ‘love at first sight’ when they get behind the wheel of the HUMVEE C-Series.”

As the HUMVEE C-Series is targeted at the crème de la crème, it will not be displayed at any of the Liberty Automobiles showrooms. Instead, in an innovative marketing strategy, Liberty will send the vehicle to the homes of potential customers for test drives, by invitation only. The sale will then be transacted at the customer’s request and convenience.

The acclaimed HUMVEE C-Series combines superior craftsmanship with ultimate functionality, as well as best-in-industry mobility technology with a host of off-road-ready options, including a central tyre inflation system, hardened doors, aircraft-aluminum riveted body and trimmed-out interior. It is powered by a 6.2L V8 sequential fuel injection petrol engine.

The much talked-about HUMVEE C-Series is designed to take the experience of driving a military vehicle to a new level. As Liberty has represented HUMMER as exclusive UAE dealer for many years, it is well conversant with the tastes of UAE’s ‘extreme’ off-road vehicle lovers.

HUMVEE C-Series represents an outstanding example of how a military vehicle can be smartly adapted for civilian use. With features like four-wheel independent suspension and a towing capacity of over 4,500 kilograms, the HUMVEE C-Series offers unparalleled power, manoeuvrability and versatility, creating the ultimate driver-terrain interface.