One-day event that tests driving and navigational expertise of experienced and seasoned off-road drivers

The Dubai Offroaders GPS Challenge in its third chapter saw extensive participation from off-road enthusiasts from across the UAE. A total of 19 teams with 3 cars in each team challenged their desert driving and navigational skills to cover a distance of just over 60 kilometres through technical terrain and soft patches of sand dunes in Al Faqaa desert.

The “Dubai Offroaders”, recognized by the Government of Dubai as the community club to endorse off-road driving and Emirati customs, organized the “DO GPS Challenge Reloaded” with the help of its support team developed through over ten years’ experience in managing convoys and ensuring the safety of its members.

Ahmad Pervez, Founder and Chief of the Dubai Offroaders said, “DO GPS Challenge is an opportunity for all off-roaders, irrespective of club or group affinity to get together and celebrate our mutual passion of the great outdoors; the beautiful desert and driving on magnificent sand dunes of UAE.

“It is an honour for Dubai Offroaders to host the DO GPS Challenge and to see the level of participation and enthusiasm from the entire off-road community.”

The aim of the challenge was to minimize deviations from a set track as defined by the organizers. Forcing participants to push their own driving and car’s performance limits. The track was set by a senior Dubai Offroaders management team member, Faheem Chughtai, who was supported by other committee members including John Abiad, Saif Khan, Asem Ahmed, Martin Sedo Roper and Baher amongst other integral contributors to the success of the event.

Faheem Chughtai, Senior Committee Member of Dubai Offroaders said, “Dubai Offroaders organized its third GPS Challenge and as a part of the organizing team, it was one of those days where the actual reality exceeded our own expectations. The response from the participants, as well as other attendees, astonished us in a delightful way.

“Setting the track and choosing the area required extensive discussions among the team, to ensure several emergency exits and accessibility points were available throughout the route. We had also assigned support teams for specific portions of the track to ensure seamless recovery response whenever required.”

DO GPS Challenge was supported by Titan Performance, Dobinson’s, Dial a Tire, Jeep Trading Enterprises, Al Shiba General Trading and Alpine Water.

Team N Fury won and placed first in the challenge with the total distance of only 61.3 kilometres, Team K DR JPP ranked second with a distance 61.5 kilometres and Team J Chrząszcze successfully managed to reach the winning podium by achieving the third position with a distance of 62.0 kilometres. The awards ceremony was held in Titan Performance and was attended by the leadership team of Dubai Offroaders and all the participants. ■

Words + Photos by: Faateh Ahmad