As somebody who loves camping and being outdoors in a desert environment (I need to get my fix as frequently as possible), being given the opportunity to try out products that I haven’t used before was a great opportunity to discover new products on the market that don’t cost a small fortune, yet are still reliable and make a trip to the desert much more convenient and comfortable.
Camping Shelter (AED 420)
Size 2.5m x 2.5m
This is great for those sunny days, giving your family protection against the harsh rays of the sun, as it is rated to a UV spf of 30. At 2.5m square and 2.2m high, the shelter allows plenty of room for a rug and seating for up to six people. The frame consists of steel poles, and a flysheet stretches over the steel
skeleton with open sides. The Quechua camping shelter has been wind tunnel tested to 50km/hr. Remember, when using this in the desert you will need to fill bags with sand to hold the camping shelter firmly on the ground. The shelter is easily packed away in its own bag ready for your next outing.

Arpenaz L100 Camp Bed (AED 270)
Size 190 x 65 x 45cm when extended Weight 7.5kg
Having not used a camping bed before, I wanted to see what it would be like. Firstly, I removed the bed from its bag and extended it for use. Once extended there are two latches either side of the middle leg which, once secured, will stop the bed from folding up. I found the bed to be very comfortable and sturdy in the sand. There was enough give in the material to allow a very comfortable night’s rest under the stars. When it came to packing away, the instructions were very easy to follow and it literally took seconds to put it in the bag.

Quechua 2 seconds XL Air III pop up tent

(3 man) (AED 585), Weight 5.7kg
As it says, this tent really does take two seconds to put up! It’s very easy to set up and then all you need to do is spend just a few minutes putting in the pegs (or sand bags if in the desert) and your tent will be ready and waiting for you. Stowing the tent for the first time takes a little longer, but by the second time, once you’ve learnt all about the clips and how to fold it, it can be done quickly.

Comfort XL Waterproof picnic rug (AED 120)
Size 210 x 170cm
As the name implies, this waterproof and foam based rug is very comfortable. For transporting, it is very easy to roll up; just clip the ties together which are already attached to the rug. The rug is large enough to lay out on and can be used when on camping trips or just for a day on the beach.

Camping Table (AED 330)
This lightweight folding table also includes four foldout chairs. Once the table is folded in half it acts as a carrier case for the folding chairs. Ideal for those who like to picnic or camp in style.

Comfortable chair (AED 195)
Quechua have made a very comfortable folding chair with great back support. It has very sturdy armrests, although there are no beverage holders. The seat webbing is lightweight but strong and allows air to pass through. When it’s time to leave, the Quechua chair folds easily and has a shoulder strap for easy transportation.

Kitchen Unit (AED 355)
We all go camping with food and sometimes a gas stove or burner. With this kitchen unit we have a firm and clean base to put our gas stove/burner on surrounded by a stainless steel wind blocker to stop the flame going out. Below the bench top you have storage shelves which have solid bases and air vents, allowing your tasty food to be stored without flies or bugs tucking in!

Portable Shower 8L (AED 270)
I have seen various types of portable showers over the years, and believe that Quechua have made a great job with their 8L portable shower. It is all manual, so there is no need for batteries or wires. All you have to do is pour water into the bottle up to the max line, close the lid and pump approximately 25 times to pressurise the bottle, then connect the hose to the outflow pipe on the side of the shower bottle. To use, press the showerhead button. I found that there was great pressure lasting for approximately two minutes.

Arpenaz air basic inflatable camping airbed (AED 110)
3 sizes 70/120/140cm
This 120cm airbed was very comfortable and easy to inflate with the Quechua Hand Pump.

Seconds Utility Tent (AED 240)
This was easy to assemble, and featured an open roof. Great for privacy when changing and compatible with a shower. It was a little tricky to set up in windy conditions, however.

Lamp (AED 65)
Fantastic little lantern giving white, red and dim light. Ideal for hanging in the tent due to its lightweight or simply placing on your Quechua folding table.

Quechua have come up with some great products that are simple to use, easy to pack away and, more importantly, are affordably priced. This allows campers time to enjoy their outdoor adventures in comfort, privacy and without breaking the bank.

All products are available at Decathlon stores: IBN Battuta Mall and Mirdif City Centre.


Words by: Sandy Bruford