Swedish knife craftsmanship is coming to the Middle East

No matter what outdoor activity you do, a knife is always a good companion that some of us don’t appreciate enough.

A knife is actually the ultimate outdoor tool and dates back more than two and a half million years. Knives were the first tools used by mankind even though, back then, they were simple stones or bones with sharp edges. So if you think that a knife evolved over a period of a few million years, you can be certain that it reached very close to perfection. In some cultures knives are even so important that they have spiritual and religious significance. As simple as knives may look, there is own science behind them and if you start digging you will find countless books and information about knives, their materials, their use, their maintenance and so on.

If you appreciate simplicity and craftsmanship, you will like the knives from the Swedish company Morakniv. Knives have been made in the area around Mora since the 1700’s. The foundations of today’s factory were laid in 1891, and their knife-makers manufacture knives by hand, just like back then.

We got the chance to have a closer look at a few of their knives…

Eldris is the smallest knife that Morakniv produces, with a 2mm thick blade that measures only 59mm in length. The blade is made of 12C27, a high quality Swedish stainless steel that is treated through unique processes in the factory in Mora. The handy size of the blade suits the varied situations you can encounter on your hike, camping trip or anywhere in the outdoors. The knife has a secure grip made out of two different polymers and a click lock, making the knife safe to handle. In combination with a fire steel it is very small and versatile tool. The short blade reminded me of an oyster knife where a strong short blade is needed to open the hard shell of the oyster. So my test for the Eldris was to get some oysters on the shore: the handle has a great grip even when it is wet and the sharp blade makes it easy to remove or open oysters. As the blade is short and thick, you don’t need to worry that it might break.

Kansbol Multi-Mount is for me the ultimate adventure knife. No matter where or how you want to fix it – to your arm, leg, belt, backpack, ATV or “MOLLE”… thanks to its Velcro strips, straps, holes, and notches you can fix it anywhere. Kansbol brings you the best from two worlds. It has the flexibility of a lightweight knife, and the strength of a robust model with its 109mm blade. This combination makes it a real all-round knife and a reliable partner on your adventure. The blade has been profile ground for increased precision and the spine grinding means the blade can be used with a fire starter.

Garberg is a powerful full tang knife, designed to withstand the toughest challenges imaginable. Its blade is 3.2mm thick, 109mm long and made of high quality stainless steel, specially treated in the factory in Mora to make it even stronger. The blade has a special Scandi-grind, making the knife easier to keep sharp. Also, the spine of the blade has been ground to be used with a fire starter, so your essential fire is never far away. Just by holding the knife in your hand, you will feel that this tool is made to last with its 272g (e.g. the Kansbol is the same size and one third lighter), the best abuse I could come up with for the Garberg was to open a coconut and check the sharpness of the blade afterwards and the knife passed this test with ease.

When I am looking for a good outdoor tool, I want to be sure it is always reliable and will last for a long time. Morakniv gives you a lifetime warranty on all knives, which should be convincing enough to make you trust their knives, and I am sure you will enjoy them for many years. Even after 2.5 million years a knife serve only one sole purpose, and does not need any bling or other useless features. Morakniv gives you exactly that – simply a good knife.

Available at Al Sayad Hunting Equipment: Port Saeed, Dubai, UAE, 04 295 9666