The UAE and beyond offers amazing trekking trips all year around. Make the most out of your adventure by carrying just the right stuff.


Starting with a backpack, the recommended size for a day trek is 35 liters. While you are carrying a relatively small amount of items that are individually lightweight, the combined weight may surprise you. Your backpack needs to be accessible from various points, the back contact surface requires breathability and straps must be sturdy and comfortable. Airzone Trek + packs are great choice. Hiking poles are always useful in providing balance and support. Good trekking shoes are absolute must; yours should be worn in and comfortable enough to carry you beyond your planned route.

Even if you are trekking a route you are familiar with, always keep navigation tools on you: a good compass, map with protective case and guidebook may just save your life. You will want to make sure you know how to read these before so get practicing ahead your trip. Never leave without an emergency Thermal Blanket, whistle and first aid kit. You may need sudden shelter or protection. A good headlamp with spare batteries also goes a long way – the sun sets quickly so don’t get caught in a potentially dangerous situation without it. Even if you don’t plan on camping, you should have a fire starter, matches or lighter on you. Keep these in waterproof container and make sure you do not forget multi-tool knife.
Very recommended are binoculars – there are many times that you might just wish you had these on you no matter how short your trek may be; observing nature is highly satisfying. Pack a quick-drying towel too; it is handy, doesn’t take much space and gets you clean quickly. Other personal hygiene and protection items you will want to carry are paper tissues, insect
repellent and for the germophobe in you, hand sanitiser(contains alcohol so you can clean minor cuts and scratches with it too). We also recommend spare clothing, at least top layer, for any sudden change is weather or simply to keep as optional change for the return journey.
As always, stay hydrated, protect your exposed areas and your head against sun and wind and carry enough food and water to last you well beyond your trip duration. Do not leave your trash anywhere in nature. Happy trekking!

The kit above is available at all major sports and outdoor stores throughout UAE.

Words by: Vanda Turcerova
Photos by:
Nyi Nyi Aung