Attention outdoor adventure lovers! The outdoor essential you’ll need wherever your next adventure may be – mineral water – has just become more valuable, four times more valuable, but only if you choose Monviso. How?

OutdoorUAE, the first and only outdoor lifestyle magazine in the region, has partnered with Monviso by joining the Monviso Ambassador Program.

Monviso Ambassador Program: “Save, Donate, Earn and Be Healthy!”

The Monviso Ambassador program is a simple sales referral program that benefits you in several ways! Its slogan – “Save, Donate, Earn and Be Healthy!” – says it all:

1. Save: Special Promo – 5+1
OutdoorUAE is offering you a special promotion of 5+1 free – buy 5 packs and get one free – when you order by clicking the Monviso banner on the OutdoorUAE website, OutdoorUAE brings you this special promotion through its membership as part of the Monviso Ambassador Program.
By stocking up on Monviso, you stack up the savings! As a nature and sports lover, you always need quality mineral water for all of your outdoor escapades. The more you order, the more you save.

2. Donate: 1 AED donated for each litre you buy
For all your purchases at the above link, Monviso will donate 1 AED, per each Liter purchased, to the global philanthropical Jalila Foundation through Monviso’s retail sales donation program called “Take Water. Give Life”.
All donations go to support Al Jalila’s noble humanitarian work of transforming and saving lives through medical education and research. So simply by drinking Monviso, you don’t just save your life – you save others’ too.

3. Earn: Become a Monviso ambassador yourself
Anyone – including you – can join by signing up to Monviso Ambassador Program to earn unlimited income. Just click the Monviso banner on the OutdoorUAE website, It’s a way to earn additional income without changing what you do,through the contacts you already have, both online and offline!
When you refer customers to Monviso, you earn 10 per cent commissions on their purchases. For every Monviso ambassador you recruit, you also earn 5 per cent commission on their sales. There’s no limit on the number of customers you can refer.

4. Be Healthy: Drink Monviso water
Monviso is the world’s purest and healthiest 100 per cent natural mineral water. It originates from Europe’s highest source, away from pollution and human settlement, in Monviso Mountain in the Italian Alps: the mountain whose water has been celebrated for its unique rejuvenating properties since ancient times.
Monviso has one of the lowest sodium levels of any mineral water in the world and is minimally mineralised, so it is easy to digest and safe to drink in large quantities. This means that it is perfect for people of all ages, including expectant mothers and infants. Monviso is ideal for hydration at any age, for low-sodium diets and weight loss. It is the mineral water of choice for those who are serious about achieving long-term health for themselves and their families.

Whether yours is a passion for the sea, desert, sky or mountains, there’s nothing like venturing out in the great outdoors – that feeling of “anything can happen” and that taste of freedom in the air – all you need to complete the scene is a bottle of Monviso always on-hand with you wherever you go next. Monviso hydration makes all the difference. So many adventures to experience and terrains to explore…

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