Water Ski Wakeboarding Water Surfing: Running on sea is a zealous adventure

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Water Ski Wakeboarding Water Surfing4

Your wish to do something unusual can take you up the high mountains of the Himalayas or to the forests of Africa, but what if you dare to rule the water by walking on it or something close that? Gliding across the glassy surface of the water with the wind blowing in your hair is definitely a unique feeling and we can thank water sports for giving that opportunity to us.

Here in UAE, water sport activities have boomed in the last few years. Dubai beaches have provided a recreational platform for a variety of sports that can be enjoyed with minimal effort. The coastline is littered with open beaches, varied sea conditions make it possible to enjoy the rough or the smooth tides of the Arabian Gulf. The residential development such as the Dubai Marina or The Palm Jumeirah in here have provided easy accessibility and comfort.

Water Ski Wakeboarding Water Surfing2Aside from being popular recreational activities enjoyed by the masses, waterskiing, surfing and wakeboarding are also ever-growing competitive sports. Conquer the water with your tremendous ski stunts! Within eye blink, everything with the water gets easier. From the moment you strap in, you will feel something is different. Wakeboarding, waterskiing, surfing are some of the most exciting and exhilarating water sports to enjoy in the UAE, making them the perfect pastime for those looking for fun and adventure while in Dubai and Abu Dhabi!

Al Yousuf Motors always encourages water sports enthusiasts and carries the world-leading brands Yamaha and JOBE Sports in UAE.

Water Ski Wakeboarding Water Surfing5

Purchase necessities:
• Check quality which you will find in Jobe Sports accessories in Al Yousuf Motors.
• Purchase surfing and skiing items that are suitable for your weight and height.


Safety precautions:
• Check weather forecast and sea waves or swells.
• Check water sports for designated venues or areas prohibited by RTA.
• Avoid dangerous area with rocks.
• Always wear personal floating device, gloves and helmet.
• Check handle rope and its strength
• Always observe for boats while riding

It is always recommended that you chose quality safety items through authorised dealers such as Al Yousuf Motors where not only quality is priority, but the prices are very competitive. You can find Al Yousuf Showrooms throughout the UAE.
From training to supplying complete water sports safety items, Al Yousuf Motors is always there to assist you in your adventurous endeavors and we always put customer’s satisfaction first.

Contact Al Yousuf at aym-accessories@alyousuf.com or +971 50 3790737.

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