The World of Motocross in the UAE

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UAE Motocross and the Final Round of DMX

Motocross is widely considered to be the world’s most popular form of motorcycle racing. It is a form of off-road racing that is done within an enclosed course. This sport is so exciting to watch and the whole course can be seen from the sidelines. Dubai Motocross Club is Dubai’s original motocross track. It was created by a group of motocross enthusiasts and continues to run purely on the passion and hard work of our volunteers and members. We welcome all our motorcycle friends to join in on the motocross fun.

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This season has wrapped and the championships earned. This was an exciting season in for DMX. We started our season in October on a completely remodelled and newly designed track. Thank you to Sean Gaugain of SRG Motorsports, your vision was our club’s reality and it did not disappoint. The sport of racing motorcycles over a rough course with many obstacles; hills turned jumps for our fast and skilful riders, sharp turns, deep sands (we are in the desert after all) and surprise hidden and uncovered rocks has kept our riders focused and our spectators an unbeatable combination of thrills and gut wrenching nervous energy – especially for those of us with little riders; like our family. Our Junior classes have seen the most growth in the club this season, with over 41 riders this season. We have riders starting at age four and they do not disappoint. My own boys have been racing with Dubai Motocross Club for four years now, each starting their race “career” at age four. They are Myles Sexson, age 9 on bike number 86 – KTM 65cc Class and Liam Sexson, age seven on bike number 31 – KTM 65cc Class. These kids, all of them are equal parts; heart and true grit.

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Here at DMX (Dubai Motocross Track), we have already begun the planning for next seasons schedule and changes. Here is some basic information on our track and club membership.

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We are a non-profit club. The Dubai Motocross Club Committee is made up of strong and passionate volunteers. We encourage club memberships to financially support the development and maintenance of the track and facilities. We welcome other motocross sport enthusiasts to volunteer their time and professional skills to benefit our track for all to enjoy. Dubai Motocross track does NOT provide insurance to the riders. It is mandatory that each rider carries full comprehensive personal insurance. These regulations are posted at the track. You will also sign the indemnity form releasing the DMX track from liability. Ride at your own risk.

Practice fees: Non-members AED100 per day per rider (weekday or weekend). Members pay 50 AED per day per rider. The track is closed on Thursdays and Sundays for maintenance.

We use Facebook exclusively to update information on our track. Please check the page for information. DMX (Dubai Motocross Club)

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It is a club for everyone; all nationalities, all age groups and all levels of riders. Our race classes are testament to this.

DMX has two tracks: one main track and one exclusively for our junior riders, both are located at the Club’s Motocross Park in Jebel Ali across from Jebel Ali Golf Resort.

The UAE racing season runs from September to April during which DMX hosts multiple round motocross championship.

Membership fees: Single club membership 1,200 AED (1 Sep to 31 Aug), Single member unlimited practice 1,500 AED, Family club membership 1,500 AED, Family membership unlimited practice 3,000 AED.

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Motocross is growing across the region. There is news in the air of another great Motocross track in the works. We look forward to growth of this wildly competitive, spectacular sport in the UAE.

See you in the dirt,

Motocross Mom, @laceysexson

Words by: Lacey Sexson

Photos by: Lacey Sexson, Jay R Mendoza and Fabian Hoehn

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