The Cycle Bistro was created around the Paleo Diet. The restaurant enables us to engage with customers and to try to influence people’s outlook on what it means to be healthy and to live a fulfilling life. Along this journey we have encountered some false claims against being Paleo that need to be exposed. We wish to share our thoughts on these myths and hopefully encourage a few more people to test the Paleo Diet.

Myth One: The Paleo Diet is trying to emulate what the people in the Palaeolithicera ate.
The paleo diet, although created with this era in mind, was not created to mimic what people ate completely. Their food sources mainly consisted of hunting for animals, fishing, and gathering wild plants, nuts, berries and seeds.

We believe that the modern adaptation of this diet consists of removing processed foods entirely from your diet. Although for the past 50 years it has become the norm to rely on processed foods, we still believe that our bodies are not ready to process all of this and as a result we have massive health issues such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

Myth Two: The Paleo Diet is centred on Red Meat
Although some cultures’diets are predominantly red meat orientated, this does not have to apply to the vast majority.

The Paleo diet should be orientated on your specific body type. If your body requires more carbohydrates then you would eat more starchy vegetables with a smaller amount of meats, nuts and fruits. An ideal paleo diet will contain small amounts of meats with lots of vegetables, plus some nuts and fruits.

Myth Three: Paleo is all or nothing
While some diets need to have 100 per cent commitment in order for them to work, such as the vegan or raw food diet, the Paleo diet will still reap amazing rewards if someone follows it only 80-90 per cent of the time. This flexible approach allows more freedom on social outings or visiting friends who don’t follow the same nutritional approach

We see Paleo as a part of a lifestyle. It’s not just about watching what you eat and ensuring that you get the right nutrients. It’s about getting the right balance, exercising as often as possible and not sitting down at every possible moment. Being Paleo is meant to open you up to the world and allow you to take full advantage of it.

The Cycle Bistro wins the Catering News Food and Beverage Award for Best Health Food Restaurant.

In a well-deserved win, the Cycle Bistro were recently announced the winners of ‘Best Health Food Restaurant’ at the Catering News Middle East Food and Beverage Awards. Celebrating excellence and innovation in the region’s food and beverage industry, the results were announced at an awards ceremony at the Westin Mina Seyahi in Dubai on Wednesday 9th November.

Upon receiving the award, The Cycle Bistro said, ““We, at The Cycle Bistro, are extremely grateful to receive this award. It is a sign that the “Paleo” lifestyle is now recognized as being beneficial to your health and truly a part of the Dubai culinary culture. The restaurant enables us to engage with customers and to try to influence people’s outlook on what it means to be healthy and to live a fulfilling life.”

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Words + Photos by: Michelle Harvey