Media Kit

Media Kit

Now in its sixth year, the OutdoorUAE monthly magazine is a very unique product, along with its online counterpart We support and cover adventure from pursuits, activities, events, people, services, operators, products, listings, locations, destinations and much more, here in the UAE, Middle East and the rest of the world.



The knowledge of our target group and exibility as a tight-knit company give us the freedom to discuss with you your very own individual solution to ensure you the best benet for your budget and business. Advertising with us gives you the unique opportunity to get access to the outdoor community. We are a small company focused on providing the best service to our stakeholders who are our target group (readers), our advertisers and supporters. We are not a common publication house with a series of magazines, we focus on what we do best; which is to serve our well-defined target group.


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