How to upload routes

How to add a route to OutdoorUAE

OutdoorUAE is providing a free platform for all outdoor lovers to share their favorite routes in the UAE independent of the activity. To ensure route are accurate and verified we have a flagging system, which indicates if the route and information is correct. Either one of our editors is confirming the route or if we get enough feedback from users to flag the route as “green” and tested route.

What will you need to upload a route?

1. First of all you will need the route files in “gpx” format. Garmin BaseCamp can save and convert route files if needed. Google earth files cannot be uploaded and we recommend to convert them to gpx for example in BaseCamp. Please make sure the file only includes the route and not various routes or other locations.

2. you will need a short description of the route. please use this table as reference and copy the table with the filled info as introduction for your route:


Author: Your name or a nickname or pseudonym
Distance:  … km
Average time to complete:  … hrs … min
Route grade:  easy / moderate / challenging / extreme
Suitable for families or kids:  Yes/No
4×4 required to reach start point: Yes/No



After the table please type a short description of the route – at least a few sentences. the more detailed the description is the better. In case you want to copy text from a text editing program like ‘word’ you need to clear the formatting first. the easiest way to do that is to paste the text to ‘note’ first and then copy it again and past it in the text window. You can also use this free online tool – past the text on this page first and copy and past it then to our form. Our IT department will take care of the formatting of your post.

3. you will need to uploaded at least one cover photo and if possible a few additional photos. Each photo should not be bigger than 2MB.
The ideal cover photo is 700pixel wide and 400pixel high in jpg format with compressions set to 10 (high quality).
The additional photos will be used for the layout of your description / route article. The ideal size will be 1024px wide and jpg compression also set to high quality.

All the other files are self-explanatory. Feel free to contact us in case you have any questions or problems with uploading routes. email to

After uploading the route it takes usually 24-28hrs until the route will be shown in the routes sections. In case there are any problems with your files or missing information, our team will get back to you (the personal details you have given in the form).

Thank you for your support and sharing your routes.