Name: Ammar Zheiman
Nationality: Syria
Occupation: Biomedical Engineer
Vehicle: Jeep Wrangler

Tell us the background story of the car…
As a car enthusiast, I have always loved to drive different types of vehicles, but none of them fulfilled my love towards off-roading except one, which I believe is a lucky charm for me: my red Wrangler. I went to the dealership; test drove the car and loved every bit of it. So I decided to purchase it and got it straight away from the garage to start modifying it.

What modifications have been made, performance and cosmetic wise?
My car is unique in terms of the modifications that were done by Ramy4x4 and Jeepers, the number of things that were modified are countless. I remember that initially started with my King Shocks Stage 3 suspension with Tera Flex arms, since I knew back then that I required durable and heavy duty parts to enjoy my rides, either in the deserts or wadis. The steering stabilizer from Rough Country is a great add on to keep my car steady because I have large tires installed on them.

The second part was my K&N air filter, which was a great addition towards my engine as a performance air filter. With the help of the Gibson exhaust system, the car was boosted by a couple of horsepowers and provided me with a great engine sound for the vehicle.

I have installed an AEV speed booster with a Dana 40 differential system to provide my car with great torque and performance with steep dunes.

In terms of the looks, I have designed it with the red and black theme. As shown in the images, you could see the exterior and interior are fully red and black. I have added also a metallic heavy duty bumper to give it a rough look and in order to protect my vehicle from short dunes, and a Tera Flex tire carrier to keep my spare tire safe.

The best part about my vehicle is the tyres and rims that are installed, a 35 inch BF Good rich KM2 Mud Terrain with and XD Series rims.

As for the lighting systems, I have installed the Canon X-vision light bar to enhance my night driving trips. My entertainment audio system was also modified using Pioneer speakers with a subwoofer and amplifiers designed by Hertz.

Do you have something that you consider to be a ‘special feature’ of the car?
I believe that my lighting system is one of the best features of it. In addition, I’m very proud of my entertainment system, as it is one of the best in the audio industry. Nevertheless, I think the whole setup of the car makes it a special feature.

What were your other options before you bought this car?
Well, I wasn’t really planning for another car because this car means a lot to me. I have been a Jeeper boy for ages and that’s why this vehicle is very special to me.

How often do you use your car, and what activities do you take part in?
I usually use my car on weekends, since I am going on trips on weekly basis with the UAC4X4 club. I am very much involved with their IJK team, which is specifically created for intermediate and advanced Jeeper drivers only.

Are you planning any future modifications?
Definitely! In fact, I am thinking of adding a turbocharger for the car to boost it upto a 500 hp, which will be installed by SSS garage. I am also planning to upgrade my suspension into a stage 6 long travel King Shocks system.

What 4×4 do you dream of owning?
My dream is to have a Jeep Wrangler with Hellcat engine 707 HP. I have accomplished half of my dream by owning my current Jeep, and soon I am seeking to finish the second half of my dream by adding more parts to it and make it to one unique Jeep!

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