Habitually Healthy: Gadgets, Gadgets, Gadgets

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Whether you are walking through a kitchen store or surfing the web for new equipment, it’s hard to deny the excitement that one feels when faced with the task of buying a new gadget. There are so many different gadgets in an array of various colour options that you are often tempted to buy them all. Yet the hard truth is that most of the equipment that you buy will soon render itself useless or will just collect dust after the initial enjoyment of the device subsides.

We at The Cycle Bistro understand that it’s not always possible to eat our delicious Paleo dishes and that sometimes you just want to cook at home. To continue following your Paleo diet or to just eat healthy dishes, we recommend having the following equipment in your kitchen.


A Blender (Recommended Brand: Vitamix)
Blenders are the most multi-functional pieces of equipment that you could possibly own. The blender opens up healthier options to you and your family, making everything from smoothies to soups. It allows you to create delicious foods by not limiting you to what is available at the supermarket. Owning a Vitamix blender makes a massive difference; it’s using professional graded
equipment at home. Once you have used a Vitamix you will never turn back, and you will never have to, due to its robust properties.


A Sous Vide Machine (Recommended Brand: PolyScience from Muddle-me.com)
Sous Vide is a technique that brings food to a very precise temperature and holds it there for a period of time. The immersion circulator clamps onto any pot or tank and allows you to select the set cooking temperature to a 1/10th of a degree. Some of the benefits include: preparing perfectly cooked food every time, helping to retain your foods’ valuable nutrients and packing plenty of flavour into your food by vacuum sealing your ingredients. Always remember, should the mere thought of cooking be too daunting for you, The Cycle Bistro offers Paleo Meal Plans as well as delivery of our dine-in menu.


Basics to great smoothie recipes

Liquid (1/2 cup): You’ll need some liquid to get everything whirring in your blender, but choose wisely. Skip juices – they’re high in sugar.

Frozen Banana (1 cup): For natural sweetness and always rich, creamy (not icy) body, frozen banana slices are a must.

Frozen Fruit (1/2 cup): Frozen fruit makes a frosty smoothie without added ice. Buy ready-frozen fruit or freeze your own.

Try these: Blueberries, cherries, strawberries, pineapple, mango, apples, raspberries, blackberries, grapes.

Greens (1 cup): Add 1 cup of greens to help meet your daily veggie quota without overpowering your smoothie.

Try these: Baby spinach, kale (stemmed and chopped).

Optional: Have a sweet tooth? Add up to 2 tsp. liquid sweetener like maple syrup or agave.

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Words by: Chef Patrick Ikinofo

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