Youth is one of greatest unbridled gifts that life offers us. It is at this age that we get to enjoy activities during what is known as our prime years. more
Earlier this year I ran a marathon on all seven continents in 11 days, last year I ran an Ultra Marathon on all continents in six weeks. I’ve done all more
We are a mixed breed of runners: two marathoners, one seasoned all-around athlete, one adult beginner and an 8 year old kid who never ran more than half a kilometer more
Interview with Max Calderan, an Extreme Desert Explorer and Author of the book "La Forza Dentro" (soon also in English and Arabic) Extreme desert explorer, defined son of the desert, more
Words By: Trace Rogers After the tragic death of a triathlete last month, the newspaper headlines read: "Triathlete dies on tough course"; this headline was inaccurate. Describing the Mamzar venue more
Occupation: Geography teacher at GEMS Cambridge International, Abu Dhabi Nationality: British Age: 28 Iain says he is pretty much new to the world of running. He disliked it at first, more
Words By: Monica Antal Since childhood I liked to have my bags packed and ready for adventure. My mother used to joke that I had my entire life packed in more